What is the Banglalink customer care number? BL Customer Address

Are you looking for banglalink customer care number or want to know how to contact banglalink customer care number.

Here is the address of your nearest Banglalink customer care or how to contact Banglalink customer care, this is our post today with all the information.

At present mobile users in Bangladesh are using one or more SIM. Due to the use of multiple SIMs many times many people face different problems.

For instance, most Banglalink SIM users are looking for Banglalink customer care number and address for different problems with their SIM.

Read the full post to know where Banglalink customer care is located and get your problem resolved.

What is the Banglalink customer care number

What is Banglalink customer care number–

Friends, Banglalink customer care number is 121 to solve Banglalink SIM problem, you can call this number to solve your Banglalink SIM problem.

SO, you can know about that problem from banglalink customer care number.

For example:

  • SIM is not getting network properly.
  • If for some reason the PIN code or PUK code is stuck on the Banglalink SIM you are using.
  • You can also report if the internet speed is low.
  • To stop any service auto started on SIM.
  • If the SIM you are using is lost, there is a problem with the SIM
  • Or if you want to turn off the SIM due to any other problem.

What is Banglalink customer care and what services does it provide?

Banglalink Customer Care is there to solve any problem related to your Banglalink SIM.

You can get service from customer care in 2 ways. By calling the customer care number or visiting Banglalink customer care at the specified address.

Where is banglalink customer care?

You can report any problem by dialing 121 from any Banglalink number.

Also, if you don’t have a Banglalink SIM, call 01911304121.

Currently speaking to a customer manager on Banglalink Helpline 121 charges 0.50 paisa + tax per minute. So check the current balance of your SIM before talking.

If you want, you can ask them about your problem by LIVE CHAT at the following Banglalink email address or from Banglalink website through BANGLALINK ONLINE SERVICE and get solution.

  • 121– from any Banglalink number
  • 01911304121– from any operator
  • Toll-Free –158 from Banglalink
  • The email address is– Banglalink [email protected]
  • Banglalink website –banglalink.net
  • Banglalink Facebook Page– Facebook.com/Banglalinkdigital
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Banglalink customer care number and contact address

Banglalink online customer care

eselfcare.banglalink.net is Banglalink online customer care address. From here you can easily talk about any problem of Banglalink SIM by online LIVE CHAT about your problem.

If necessary, you can get the nearest Banglalink customer care address from the eselfcare.banglalink.net officer.

To get service from Banglalink Online Customer Care you need to login Banglalink Online Service Link eselfcare.banglalink.net.

Read this post by clicking on the link to know more about Banglalink online services.

Banglalink Customer Care Address

Where is Banglalink customer care or call center? If you want to get the solution of this question easily, then now. Follow the procedure given below.

Friends, Banglalink customers can easily find the address of the nearest Banglalink center by sending a free SMS to this number 2273 from their SIM.

To know the address of your nearest Banglalink customer care to solve any problem of Banglalink SIM-

Text “bl” to 2273,

The address of your nearest Banglalink Customer Care Center will be informed in the return SMS.

If there are more than one customer center in the vicinity, it will be mentioned in the SMS.

‘If the location given in the first SMS is not near you, reply with: n’.

If you reply by typing n, the next location will also be shown.

Banglalink Customer Care Dhaka

You can now easily find your nearest Banglalink customer care address.

Banglalink customer care number post will give you all the information about Banglalink.

Banglalink customer care address is now at your hand, to know about your nearest Banglalink service center by clicking on their official website link Banglalink.net/en/store-locator you can easily find your nearest customer care address with your address.

Also, many people are looking for Banglalink customer care location.

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I have collected some Banglalink customer care addresses for the convenience of Banglalink customers.

Banglalink Customer Care Dhaka

Due to the large number of people in the capital Dhaka, there are many Banglalink customer care centers in Dhaka.

So now many people want to know about Banglalink customer care near me.

For instance, you can call Banglalink Customer Care on 121 or LIVE CHAT to collect the address.

Here we have given you some Banglalink customer care addresses.


  • CC Tigers Den
  • Banglalink Centre, Plot 4 (SOH),
  • Vir Uttam Mir Shaukat Sharak,
  • Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
  • Working Hours: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM


  • CC Gulshan
  • Banglalink Centre, Rongs Arcade,
  • 153/A, Gulshan North Avenue,
  • Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
  • Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

Banglalink Customer Care Chittagong

  • Banglalink Centre, 555/A,
  • CDA Avenue,
  • East Nasirabad, GEC Moor (Ground Floor), Chittagong
  • Chittagong 4000,
  • Bangladesh

Banglalink Customer Care Saver

  • Branch Name: United Super Market
  • Savar Branch: Savar Bazar Bus Stand
  • Address: Savar, Dhaka

Banglalink Customer Care Mirpur

  • Branch Name: Mirpur Branch
  • Address: Fahad Plaza,
  • Location: Plot No-1, Road No-1, Section-10, Kafrul,
  • Mirpur, Dhaka

Banglalink Customer Care Comilla

  • Banglalink Centre, 684/617,
  • Khan Zaman Tower, Jhotla, Comilla
  • Comilla 4000, Bangladesh
  • Store Locator Geofield: Point (91.177112 23.463104)

Comilla No.2: 686/618 KA, First Kandirpar, Jhowtla, Comilla

Comilla No.3: Banglalink Centre, H-338, Trunk Road, Old Bus Stand, Telekona, Chowkbazar, Kotwali, Comilla

Banglalink Customer Care Sylhet

  • Branch Name: Sylhet Branch
  • Address: Sylhet City Center (1st Floor), Zindabazar, Sylhet
  • Also there are several Banglalink customer cares in Sylhet.

Banglalink Customer Care Feni

  • Branch Name: Feni Branch
  • Address: Haji Idris Plaza, 612,
  • Islampur Road,
  • Borough Market, Feni

All Banglalink SIM information

What you want to know about Banglalink SIM from Banglalink customer care number.

We are giving you some information here, but let us know what you want to know by commenting.

Banglalink Sim 4g rules

Currently, if you purchase a new Banglalink SIM, you will get automatic 4G service.

However, if your Banglalink SIM is old, you need to activate 4G.

Why should you activate 4G on your Banglalink SIM?

Friends, if your mobile phone is 4G supported, your SIM must be 4G if you want to get the best internet browsing speed.

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For instance, you can avail Banglalink 4G offer only if you have 4G coverage in your area.

However, currently 4G service is available in about 80% areas of Bangladesh. Banglalink is trying to provide their 4G service all over the country.

Banglalink SIM 4G rules are:

Borough Market, Feni

  • Dial *5000# from the dial pad on your mobile. Select the setting option number 10.
  • Select 1. Activate 4G option from Manage my internet in the new menu.
  • Again in the new menu you will have 1. Confirm Activete 4G, select number 1 and click OK.

A request to upgrade your Banglalink SIM to 4G will be sent to the company and Banglalink will notify you through a return SMS.

In addition, if your SIM does not activate 4G even after making the above settings, you can dial Banglalink SIM 4G code *5000*44*2#.

Banglalink SIM Replacement Offer

Friends, Banglalink SIM Replacement Offer is currently not active.

However, if the SIM has been switched off for a long time and you are covered by Banglalink’s switched SIM offer, you can avail the switched SIM offer by replacing the SIM.

Banglalink SIM Replacement Charges

Friends currently banglalink sim replacement charge is 220 taka. However, the difference in Banglalink SIM replacement prices at different points is noticeable.

Banglalink SIM cancellation rules

At present, to cancel your Banglalink SIM, you have to appear at the Banglalink service point with your SIM and voter ID card.

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