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Coming to you with a new post about Banglalink SMS Pack 2022. Do you know about the new Banglalink SMS offers of 2022? Know more about Banglalink SMS offer. Check Banglalink SMS Pack purchase procedure and validity in this post.

You can avail the best pack from all banglalink sms offer 2022 list.

If you want to buy any Banglalink SMS bundle from Banglalink then you can use Banglalink SMS code from the table.

We have collected USSD code from banglalink website and other media.

Friends read all articles related to Banglalink SMS pack 2022 and buy your required sms pack easily.

Banglalink SMS pack 2022 | Banglalink SMS Offer 2022

December 2020, the following Banglalink SMS offers are changed. Currently Banglalink is providing some great SMS offers at cheap rates.

Recently released this new sms pack description on their official website, from their webpage here is the description of their sms offer.

Get more:

You can avail 30 days SMS offers from Banglalink SMS pack list and can use it to send SMS to any mobile operator in the country.

Banglalink SMS pack to any number

Banglalink SMS offer is now offering a pack for 30 days. Banglalink sms offer is provided with 30 days code.

You can send SMS to any network number in the country by purchasing this pack.

Banglalink SMS pack code LIST | Banglalink SMS Pack List

Banglalink SMS pack for 30 days

Banglalink SMS Pack 2022 provides an offer to customers for a period of 30 days. You can easily purchase Banglalink 500 SMS offer for one month period by dialing 166305# activation code.

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Banglalink 500 SMS at 30 Taka

Friends, a new offer of 500 SMS has been added to Banglalink SMS offer list. You must be surprised, because this offer was not available until a few days ago.

Banglalink 500 sms pack price is 30 taka. Duration 30 days. Banglalink prepaid customers can make purchases at any time. Dial 166305# to purchase Banglalink 500 sms pack.

In addition, Banglalink internet offers customers much longer term.

Banglalink 200 SMS offer at 15 Taka

There is another 200 SMS package for 15 days for prepaid customers. I think the 200 sms offer for just 15 taka is a great sms pack for you.

Dial * 166 * 15 # from your mobile dial pad to activate Banglalink’s 200 SMS offer. Duration 15 days.

Banglalink 100 SMS offer at 3.99 Taka

Are you looking for Banglalink 100 SMS offer on your SIM? But you can use this 100 SMS pack.

For instance, this offer period in Banglalink SMS pack 2022 list is very short, only 1 day. You can buy banglalink 100 sms pack if you need sms for short time.

Banglalink has set the 100 SMS offer price at Tk 3.99 (around Tk 4). Dial 2228# to purchase this SMS pack. Validity is only 1 day.

Banglalink 70 SMS at 7 Taka

Banglalink has brought 70 SMS packs for customers, priced at Tk 7. Looking for 7 days SMS offer? But see here.

Above all, all customers can purchase Banglalink weekly sms offer. You can use this offer to send 70 sms for a period of 7 days at a low cost (Tk 7).

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Dial * 1666 * 770 # to purchase Banglalink 70 sms pack 7 Taka offer. Duration 7 days.

Banglalink 30 SMS at 3 Taka

Friends, you must have understood from the heading now I will tell you about Banglalink SMS pack 2022.

Currently you are getting 30 sms pack on banglalink sim for just 3 taka.

You can use this SMS pack to contact your friends through SMS.

Dial 166330# to activate Banglalink 30 SMS pack. Duration 3 days.

Banglalink 100 SMS at 5 Tk Banglalink 100 SMS Offer

Friends Banglalink sms offer 2022 list has stopped earlier 5 taka 100 sms offer.

Now you can buy 70 SMS pack for 7 days and use it instead of Banglalink 100 SMS offer.

How can I buy 500 SMS in Banglalink?

You must dial the USSD code to purchase the Banglalink 500 SMS bundle pack.

Dial code * 166 * 305 # or * 123 * 500 # to purchase Banglalink 500 SMS pack. You can get 30 days at the cost of 30 rupees.

How can I buy 100 SMS in Banglalink?

Yes friends you can easily purchase a 100 SMS offer on Banglalink SIM. Banglalink 100 SMS pack price 3.99 TK. Banglalink 100 SMS pack activation code * 222 * 8 #. Term 1 day.

How can I buy Banglalink 200 SMS?

The price of a 200 SMS pack in Banglalink SIM is 15 Taka. To activate Banglalink 200 SMS pack dial activation code * 166 * 15 #. Term 15 days.


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