Banglalink Minute Offer Code 1, 3, 7, 15, 30 Days বাংলালিংক

Today I will tell you about Banglalink minute offer 2022. Best Banglalink minute pack list and all low price Banglalink minute package list are there for you. Banglalink, the champion of giving more, is offering more minutes at a lower price for a longer period. Banglalink offers various minute offers to its customers at cheap rates.

If you have come to this post looking for the best Banglalink minute package, then you can know about all the currently running Banglalink SIM minute offers.

Why do you use the Banglalink minute offer?

Currently there are 4 other mobile operators in the country apart from Banglalink.

Compared to other mobile operators, Banglalink tries to offer minutes at a lower price to its customers and also offers a longer period of minutes.

For example: Banglalink 30 days validity minute pack.

Banglalink SIM customers are getting a 30-day period minute offer starting from Tk 147. 30 days minute offer on Robi, GP, Airtel SIM starting from Tk 199.

So read full post to purchase best banglalink minutes offer at best price.

Banglalink minute offer 2022

In this post, you will be informed about Banglalink Recharge Minutes Offer 2022 List. Because the most popular Banglalink minute pack is available on recharge only.

A nice feature of Banglalink SIM is that Banglalink provides minutes purchase code to customers. So in this post we will try to give Banglalink minute offer code.

Banglalink all recharge minute offer list বাংলালিংক সকল মিনিট অফার কোড

You can use Banglalink minute packs to talk to any network number in the country.

You have got an idea about Banglalink minute offer 2022 by seeing the complete post.

Recently Banglalink has provided updated minutes list, where many previous minutes are offered. Minutes have been reduced in some minutes offers after Bangladesh Budget 2020.

Banglalink monthly minute offer 2022

Friends, if you want to use the monthly minute offer, Banglalink monthly minute offer 2022 has the best minute pack for you.

Banglalink monthly minutes offer currently offers customers up to 1000 minutes. From small minute offer and weekly minute offer to Banglalink SIM, monthly minute offer is more in number.

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In addition, Banglalink SIM now has excellent Banglalink bundle offer packages for customers.

Now you can get more minutes and internet at cheaper rates by using Banglalink bundle offer.

If, you need minutes and internet offer together then you can choose for yourself from Banglalink bundle pack offer.

Banglalink 1000 minutes offer

A few days ago, Banglalink SIM customers were not being offered 1000 minutes. However, currently Banglalink has released an offer of 1000 minutes for direct recharge of Tk 607 to the customers.

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Recharge TK 607 to buy Banglalink 1000 minute pack. Duration 30 days.

Banglalink 500 minutes offer

Are you need a Banglalink 500 minute pack. However, Banglalink second largest minute pack is Banglalink 500 minute package.

Friends if you want to purchase banglalink 500 minutes offer then you can use both recharge method and activation code method.

307 Taka banglalink recharge if you want to purchase the offer through banglalink recharge. But you will get 510 minutes on Banglalink SIM recharge of Tk 307.

  • Banglalink 510 minute offer code 166307#
  • Duration 30 days.

Banglalink 297 TK recharge offer

Friends, many Banglalink offer minutes have been reduced after Bangladesh National Budget 2020. 297 taka offer is one of them. Banglalink was once 500 minutes for 297 taka, now you are getting 460 minutes.

If you are a conscious Banglalink minute pack user, you can avail the 510 minute offer at a recharge of Tk 307 instead of Tk 297.

To purchase 460 minutes on Banglalink SIM

297 Recharge TK.

  • Duration 30 days.
  • Banglalink 460 minute pack activation code * 166* 297 #
  • Banglalink 207 TK recharge offer
  • This offer can be called the best Banglalink minute offer 2021. Because Banglalink customers use this offer more.

Now Banglalink is giving you 340 minutes on Tk 207 recharge. There are some Banglalink customers whose monthly maximum minutes usage is 300 minutes.

So this offer is sold more than Banglalink minute offer 30 Days Pack list.

Recharge Tk 207 to purchase Banglalink 340 minutes offer or dial * 166 * 197 # to activate.

Banglalink 300 minutes offer

If you are looking for exactly 300 minutes offer on Banglalink SIM then this is for you. Banglalink 300 minutes offer price 197 Tk.

On the other hand, you get 340 minutes on a recharge of Tk 307. Now it is your decision which banglalink minute offer you will use.

Recharge Tk 197 or dial * 166* 297 # to purchase Banglalink 300 minutes pack.

  • Duration 30 days.

BL 250 Minutes at 157 Taka

Friends, I have already told you that after Bangladesh Budget 2020, many minute offer minutes have been reduced and many new Banglalink minutes have been added to the offer list.

If you find new banglalink minute offer, buy 157 Tk 250 minute offer.

The TK 147 offer has been revamped to TK 157 offer.

Recharge Tk 157 or dial 166307# to get your Banglalink 250 minutes offer now.

  • Duration 30 days.
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BL 230 Minutes at 147 Taka

Many of us know about Banglalink Tk 147 minute offer. The offer you used to get earlier was TK 137, now the offer price is TK 147.

Now you get 230 minutes on Banglalink Tk 147 recharge.

Duration 30 days.

BL 175 Minutes at 107 Taka

Friends, there is only one minute offer on your Banglalink SIM for a period of 15 days. This minute offer is Tk 147 for 175 minutes pack.

You can’t get this kind of offer in any other mobile network for a period of 15 days.

Recharge the mentioned amount to buy Banglalink 175 minutes at Tk 107. Or you can also purchase the offer by dialing 166107#.

Banglalink minute offer 7 Days pack

Friends, starting this post, I first said that Bangladesh Banglalink is the only SIM that gives you more offers for 30 days compared to short minute offers.

Banglalink Weekly minute pack list now has only 3 minute offers. Let’s know about Banglalink minute offer 2022 7 dyas pack.

BL 160 Minutes at 97 Taka

If your weekly minutes usage is like 150-160 minutes then you can buy this banglalink minute pack.

Recharge Banglalink with exactly 97 Taka to purchase the Banglalink 97 Taka 160 minutes offer. Duration 7 days.

BL 90 Minutes at 57 Taka

Banglalink minute pack 7 days offer has 2 offers for 10 taka. One is 57 taka and the other is 47 taka. Both offers are valid for 7 days.

But the difference in money is 10 taka, but the difference in minutes is 20 minutes. So choose the right offer for you from Banglalink Minute Offer 2021 and buy it.

If you want to buy Banglalink 90 minutes offer, recharge 57 taka now or dial * 166 * 57 #.

Banglalink 70 Minutes at 47 Taka

Banglalink 7 days duration minute offer list low base offer is 47 taka 70 minutes pack. Recharge TK 47 on purchase of the offer or dial * 166 * 47 #.

Banglalink 45 Minutes at 27 Taka

If you have come to this post looking for 3 days validity new Banglalink minute offer 2022 then you can buy this pack.

Banglalink is now offering 45 minute packs to customers for a recharge of just 27 taka. Duration 3 days.

Use * 166 * 27 # for activation code.

Banglalink small minute offer 2022

Banglalink is also the best in terms of offering small minutes. Because Banglalink small minute pack list number is 3. Offers more than any other mobile network.

GP Tk 14 minute pack validity 16 hours. Banglalink is giving 1 day validity.

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GP Tk 24 minute pack validity 24 hours. Banglalink is giving 2 days validity.

BL 37 Minutes at 24 Taka

  • Recharge 24 taka for 37 minutes.
  • Banglalink 37 minute code is * 166 * 24 #.
  • Duration 3 days.
  • BL 28 Minutes at 17 Taka
  • Recharge getting money 37 minutes.
  • Banglalink 28 minute code is * 166 * 17 #
  • Duration 3 days.
  • BL 21 Minutes at 14 Taka
  • Recharge TK 14 getting 21 minutes.
  • Banglalink 21 minute code is * 166 * 14 #.
  • Duration 1 day.

How to buy a Banglalink minute offer?

Banglalink minute pack buying best way is Banglalink Recharge system. Have a question in mind about how to buy Banglalink minutes without the recharge method.

For example, apart from the Banglalink recharge method, the customer can purchase minutes by using the Banglalink minute code if there is enough money in his SIM.

Use Banglalink minute activation code.

  • However, there is a shortcode for the Banglalink minute purchase.
  • You can also purchase minutes from MyBL APPS.
  • Banglalink minute pack short code *1100#
  • You can easily purchase a Banglalink minute pack by dialing * 1100 #.

However, after you dial * 1100 #, all banglalink minute offer list will appear in front of you. Now you can easily select and purchase the minute offer you need from here.

Banglalink minute PACK code list

Banglalink 9 TK minutes offer

Yes, you can buy a 9 taka minute pack in Banglalink sim. You need to use Banglalink Minute Activation Code to purchase this offer.

Banglalink minute check code | Rules for viewing Banglalink minutes

Friends, there are many banglalink customers who don’t remember the rule to check banglalink minutes after purchasing minutes, so they need banglalink minute check code.

Banglalink minute check code is 121100#. If you are using regular Banglalink minutes pack then you use Banglalink minutes check code 121100#.

This code will not work if you have Banglalink bonus minutes offer.


Hope you got the correct idea about Banglalink minute offer 2022. If you have any problem in purchasing BL minute pack in 2022 from Banglalink minute offer 2022, please comment

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