Airtel Minute Offer 2023 List & Pack Code | এয়ারটেল মিনিট অফার

Our today’s post is about Airtel Minute Offer 2023. Currently Airtel Minute Pack list has many cheap price minute offers. Airtel minute offer 2023 post will let you know about Airtel small minute package starting from weekly and monthly minute pack offer.

Airtel Minute Pack 2023 list is now available for Airtel customers to purchase great all minute offers. Airtel BD customers are now getting 14 minutes packs of different durations. Airtel Minute Pack list has offers starting from Tk 8 to Tk 488.

It is very important to know about the right Airtel minute pack 2023 for yourself and choose the right minute package for the customer.

That’s why here we have detailed the Airtel minutes offer for you. We have collected all the information from Airtel BD Official Website, Airtel Poster and Airtel Flexi SIM.

Airtel Minute Offer

Airtel Minute Offer 2023 List | Airtel Minutes Offer 2023

Friends Airtel minute pack is now giving you 14 minutes offer with different duration.

However, Airtel SIM offers not only minute offers but also many other offers available including minutes and internet. These offers are called bundle offers.

We have another post about Airtel bundle offer 2023. If you want minutes and internet together, you can see that post after reading this post.

This post describes only Airtel minute offer 2023, the offers for Airtel Prepaid customers.

Airtel recharge minute offer 2023 list | with Airtel minute code 

MinutesPriceValidityActivation code
12 Minutes8 Taka12 Hour* 121 * 08 #
22 Minutes14 Taka24 Hours* 121 * 14 #
28 Minutes18 Taka24 Hours* 121 * 18 #
35 Minutes23 Taka2 Days* 121 * 23 #
45 Minutes28 Taka2 Days* 121 * 28 #
75 Minutes48 Taka7 Days* 121 * 48 #
85 Minutes53 Taka7 Days* 121 * 53 #
160 Minutes97 Taka7 Days* 121 * 97 #
190 Minutes118 Taka10 Days* 121 * 0118 #
175 Minutes107 Taka15 Days* 123 * 0107 #
325 Minutes199 Taka30 Days* 121 * 0199 #
340 Minutes207 Taka30 Days* 123 *0207 #
370 Minutes228 Taka30 DaysOnly Recharge
800 Minutes488 Taka30 DaysOnly Recharge

By purchasing any Airtel minutes offer you can easily call any network number in the country.

This table describes Airtel minute pack code and Airtel minutes purchase benefits under Airtel recharge scheme.

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Airtel minute pack BD 2023 | Airtel Monthly Minutes Offer

If you need a 30-day validity minute pack, you can purchase a monthly pack. Customers are getting 4 minutes packs in Airtel monthly minute pack list.

Airtel 800 Minutes offer at 488 Tk

Currently you are getting a pack of 1200 minutes in Airtel minutes offer, but it is a bundle offer with minutes and internet.

But the 800 minutes pack is the biggest among the offers that only offer minutes. You can purchase the offer on your Airtel SIM by recharging Tk 488 for a whole month of talk time.

  • Airtel 488 tk recharge offer now gives you 800 minutes.
  • This minute offer code is not available yet.
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 370 Minutes offer at 228 Tk

New Airtel minute offer gives you 370 minutes offer. Airtel BD is not offering you any offer of exactly 500 minutes while other telecoms are offering exactly 500 minutes to all customers.

Airtel 370 minutes offer is still available at Tk 228 recharge. Airtel 370 minutes Tk 228 pack activation code not released yet.

  • In this offer, you are also getting 800 SMS along with the minutes.
  • Recharge Rs 228 to purchase Airtel 370 minutes pack.
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 207 Tk recharge offer

Friends, many people do google search about airtel 300 minutes offer.

However, Airtel BD customers are not getting any offer of exactly 300 minutes.

For instance, if you compare the exact 300 minute offer, Airtel is offering more minutes than other networks at Tk 207 offer.

That means you will get 340 minutes on Airtel SIM by spending 207 taka. Recharge Tk 207 to purchase Airtel 340 minutes offer.

  • Or can use activation code *123*0207#.
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 325 Minutes offer at 199 Tk

Before the launch of Airtel 340 minutes offer, Airtel Minutes Offer 2023 was giving you 325 minutes offer.

But even with the new Airtel Minute Pack of 340 minutes, the offer is still running.

If you want to buy 325 minutes pack offer then you have to spend Rs.199.

  • Airtel 199 Tk recharge offer is now giving 325 minutes to customers.
  • Use activation code * 121 * 0199 # to purchase the offer without Tk 199 recharge option.
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 107 Tk recharge offer

Are you looking for airtel minute pack 2023 for 15 days on your sim.

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Although Airtel minute offer 2023 did not provide any minute pack for 15 days to customers, now you are getting a new pack for 15 days.

Only this one 15 days period 107 taka 175 minutes offer customers are getting now. Recharge Rs 107 to purchase Airtel 175 minutes pack.

  • Dial Airtel Minute Code * 123 * 0107 # if you have certain amount of money in your SIM.
  • Duration 15 days.
  • 190 Minutes at 118 BDT

Friends Airtel Minute Offer 2023 is now giving a 10 minute pack to the customer. Now, customers are getting 190 minutes for 10 days with Airtel recharge of Tk 118.

In this offer, the customer is getting 54 paisa minute call rate offer with the minute pack, which is valid for 20 days. Both packs will be activated on your SIM with a recharge of 118 taka.

You can also activate the double offer using the code *121*0118#.

Airtel 190 minute pack offer –

  • You get 190 minutes in 10 days
  • 54 paisa call rate is available for 20 days.

Airtel weekly minute pack 2023 | Airtel Weekly Minutes Offer

Do you want to know about the popular Airtel 7 days minutes offers?

But you can choose the best offer from Airtel 7 Days Offers from this post. Currently Airtel BD has 3 offers of 7 days duration.

Airtel 97 Tk recharge offer

Friends the most popular and best selling airtel minute offer 2023 on Airtel SIM is Rs 97 for 160 minutes. This offer is available with recharge and activation code.

To purchase Airtel 160 minute pack

  • 97 Recharge Rs
  • 160 minutes, duration 7 days.
  • Activation Code *121*97#

Airtel 53 Tk recharge pack

  • Recharge your mobile phone exactly 53 taka on your sim.
  • You will get 85 minutes.
  • Duration 7 days.
  • Activation code * 121 * 53 #

Airtel 48 Tk recharge pack

Airtel SIM strives to offer cheaper minutes from all mobile networks operating in the country. In that continuation, now you are getting a 7-day minute offer for just Rs.48.

Recharge Rs 48 to purchase Airtel 75 minutes pack. Get 75 minutes for 7 days. Activate Code * 121 * 48 #

Airtel small minute package 2023

Airtel BD customers are getting 2 minute packs of 2 days validity and 3 short minutes offers with 12 hours, 14 hours, 24 hours validity.

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Airtel 45 Minutes pack

Friends Airtel minute offer 2023 now customers are getting 45 minutes for 28 taka. Or to activate this offer dial * 121 * 28 #, validity 2 days.

Airtel 35 Minutes pack

If you are looking for new Airtel minutes offer then this offer is for you. To purchase 2 days validity minute pack at Tk 23 recharge Tk 23 or dial activation code * 121 * 23 #. Duration 2 days.

Airtel 28 Minutes pack

For instance, Airtel minute offer 2023 post will now tell you about the 24 hours period minute offer.

Recharge your Airtel Rs 18 or dial * 123 * 18 # to avail the offer. Duration 24 hours.

Airtel 22 Minutes pack

Popular daily Airtel voice call offer is now available at Tk.14. To purchase this package requires a recharge of 14 rupees or the activation code is available in both ways.

  • Duration 16 hours,
  • Activation code * 123 * 14 #

Airtel 8 Taka 12 Minutes pack

In addition, you can purchase 8 minutes offer from Airtel mini pack 2023. This post Airtel minute offer 2023 list latest offer 8 taka 12 minute pack.

Recharge exactly 8 taka on purchase of this pack. Also dial * 121 * 08 # with activate code. Duration 12 hours.

Airtel offer Terms & Conditions

  • Airtel balance check code is * 778 * 0 #
  • The recharge amount does not add to your Main Account.
  • Your Airtel Minutes pack and validity will be updated if you re-purchase the same pack again.
  • Airtel Minute Check Code

Friends, many people want to know about the rules for viewing Airtel minutes after purchasing a minute pack.

Airtel Minute Check Code is *778*5# OR *778*8#. You can know about all the offers by pressing this Airtel Minute Offer Check Code.

In conclusion,

Friends hope you found the right offer from Airtel minute offer 2023 BD list. Comment if you have any problem in buying airtel minute pack.

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How can I get Airtel minute offer?

The easy way to buy the Airtel Minute offer is to recharge. If you have sufficient balance on your Airtel SIM use an activation code

How can I check my Airtel offer in Bangladesh?

Dial * 4 # to know about My Airtel Internet Offer in Bangladesh. Also dial * 0 # if you want to know about My Airtel Minute Offer in Bangladesh.

How to Check Airtel Minute Offer?

Dial *0# to check Airtel minutes offer. All Airtel SIM offers will be displayed on your mobile screen.

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