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Do you know about SIM Card Registration Check Online method? Even after the introduction of the SIM registration system in the biometric system, there are many miscreants who are using SIM registration in their name by deceiving people.

So if you have time, take a look now at how to know the SIM registration numbers. Unknown landing and use of a fake SIM card is a punishable offense. However, the criminals are not choosing this path or resorting to such tactics.

However, the government of Bangladesh has adopted the biometric SIM card registration system to reduce criminal activities. However, multiple SIM cards can be registered under one NID CARD. In this case, the owner of the SIM will know whether his / her SIM card is registered or not. In this post, you will find out how many SIMs have been registered with NID.

At present, every existing public and private telecom company in the country has come up with a biometric system to sell SIMs to its customers. In this method, the customer can easily know with his NID number how many SIM cards are registered in his name.

Has introduced a method for this. Here is the procedure for each mobile telecom operator –

There is a common code for all operators to view the SIM registration and that is * 16001 #.

So the SIM registration check code is * 16001 #.

First you dial this code from the SIM used in your name, then a pop-up will appear on the screen.
Enter the last 4 digits of NID (Voter ID). Press Enter,
And later you will get an SMS message with a list of phone numbers registered under NID.
Now in SMS you can know how many SIMs have been registered with Nid.

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You will be notified via SMS the operator code of all the numbers and the last four numbers.

Also use to know the name of the SIM registration car.

  • SIM Registration Check Code * 1600 * 3 # or * 1600 * 1 #
  • Write GP registration check “info” and send to 4949
  • Robi Registration Check Code * 1800 * 3 #
  • Airtel Registration Check Code * 121 * 4444 # or * 1600 * 1 #
  • Banglalink Registration Check Code * 1600 * 2 #
  • Teletalk registration check “info” and send to 1600
  • To know the name of the SIM dial * 1600 * 3 #
  • To know SIM registration information dial * 1600 * 1 #

SIM registration check online

Friends, there is no such thing as SIM registration check online method.

You will see SIM registration online using dial code or SMS method.

Robi SIM registration check

Now Robi SIM users dial * 1600 * 3 # to know about the SIM number in their name. You will be shown a list of the number of SIMs you have registered using your NID card.

GP SIM registration check

If you are a Grameenphone user, go to SMS option on mobile and type “info” and send an SMS to 4949.

In the return SMS you will know about the SIM number registered in your name.

If you want to check the amount of SIM in another person’s name, type “Reg (spase) 17 digit NID number” and send SMS to 4949.

Check Airtel SIM registration

The SIM registered check method for Airtel SIM users is * 121 * 4444 #.

If you want to check the amount of SIM in a different person’s ID card, use the unanimous * 18000 * 1 # code.

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Checking Banglalink SIM registration

The USSD code for a Banglalink SIM user to check the phone number registered in NID CARD is * 1800 * 2 #.

You can also use the unanimous code * 16001 # to check Banglalink SIM.

Teletalk SIM registration Online Check

  • If you are for Teletalk users
  • You type “info”.
  • And send an SMS to 1600.

From the received SMS you can know about the SIM number registered in your nid name.

What is SIM registration app?

Currently in Bangladesh, biometric system is used for SIM registration. However, there is no app for normal customer SIM registration.

To check SIM registration in biometric system you need to use SMS method or dial code.

Check SIM registration at home is to dial ussd code or send an SMS to the telecom operator by typing a specific tram.

How do I know how many SIMs have been registered with NID?

Dial * 16001 # to know how many SIMs have been registered with your Nid.

What is the rule to cancel Banglalink SIM registration?

To cancel Banglalink SIM registration, visit Banglalink Customer Care with your nid card.

What is the SIM registration check code?

The unanimous SIM registration check code for all telecom operators is * 18001 #. Also all SIM companies have their own SIM registration check system.

How to check SIM registration?

Use * 16001 # dial code to check SIM registration.

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