Banglalink Bundle Offer 2022 | Banglalink Mixed Offer Package

Our today’s post about Banglalink bundle offer 2022. Banglalink bundle pack list now available for Banglalink customers together with minutes and internet. If you like to use Banglalink bundle offer 2021 then in this post you will find the best Banglalink bundle offer for you.

Nowadays more or less everyone is using the internet as well as using minutes. In the current context, the number of bundle offer users in Bangladesh is increasing every day.

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Many people know very well about Robi and Airtel bundle offers. Now like other telecom operators, Banglalink is offering all the wonderful bundle offers to the customers and the new Banglalink bundle offer 2022 has arrived.

Banglalink bundle offer 2022. Banglalink Bundle Offer 2022

Banglalink bundle offer now starts from just 38 taka. However, the best bundle pack in Banglalink SIM is Tk 598 30 GB 800 minutes pack.

However, you will not get any information about the small bundle offer from the Banglalink website.

But in this post, we will tell you about all Banglalink recharge bundle offers, big and small.

Banglalink recharge bundle offer 2022

Friends, to purchase all the bundle offers in this table, you can purchase Banglalink bundle pack by simply recharging the specified amount of money.

If you have any problem to purchase the offer, please comment us and we will definitely try to help you.

Banglalink bundle offer code is also there for you.

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Banglalink 598 TK recharge offer

Banglalink biggest mix bundle pack price is 598 TK.

Customers are getting 30 GB internet and 800 minutes by purchasing Banglalink Tk 598 bundle offer. The best offer of 2021 for Banglalink customers that offers more minutes and internet.

Recharge Tk 598 to buy Banglalink 598 TK bundle offer. Or dial activation code * 166 * 598 # if your mobile has enough balance.

Both 30 GB internet and 800 minutes are valid for 30 days.

Banglalink 498 TK recharge offer

Banglalink SIM has another big bundle offer of TK 498.

Banglalink is getting 200 minutes and 5 GB internet less from the offer of TK 598 to the offer of TK 496.

To buy Banglalink 598 TK bundle offer recharge Tk 498 or dial activation code* 166 * 488 #.

  • Get 25 GB internet + 600 minutes
  • Duration 30 days.

Banglalink 298 TK recharge offer

If you are Banglalink regular internet user then I think you are aware about Banglalink Tk 298 offer.

At one time Banglalink 30GB internet offer price was Tk 298. This offer is not running on Banglalink SIM now.

But Banglalink is offering a new bundle pack of Tk 298. This Banglalink bundle offer 2022 customer is getting 6 GB internet with 250 minutes for 30 days.

Recharge Tk 298 to buy Banglalink Tk 298 bundle offer. Also use activation code by dialing 166298#.

Banglalink 288 TK recharge offer

More Banglalink bundle offer is being offered at Tk 288 with a difference of Tk 10.

Customers who can spend TK 288 must have the ability to spend TK 298.

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Banglalink customers are getting 30 SMS in this offer. You can send SMS to any number of any network in the country.

Recharge 288 Taka to purchase Banglalink 288 Taka bundle offer. Save the code * 166 * 288 # for urgent needs.

Costing TK 288 you will get

  • 2 GB internet + 250 minutes + 30 SMS.
  • Duration 30 days.

Banglalink 198 TK bundle pack

A bundle offer with 1 GB internet and 190 minutes is available on Banglalink SIM. You can purchase the offer using Banglalink recharge and * 166 * 198 # activation code.

One of the best offers for customers who need low amount of internet for 30 days with minutes. There are also 30 free SMS.

Banglalink 98 TK recharge offer

This special offer is for Banglalink bundle offer 7 days pack customers. This Banglalink bundle offer gives customers 60 minutes and 1 GB of internet.

Banglalink Weekly Internet Offer 2021 is an excellent offer. Recharge Tk 98 to purchase Afati.

You can purchase the offer by dialing Banglalink Bundle Offer Code * 166 * 98 #.

Banglalink 98 TK bundle pack offers customers-

  • 1 GB internet + 60 minutes + 10 SMS.
  • Duration 7 days.

Banglalink 38 TK minutes and internet offer

If you need small Banglalink bundle offer 2022 in Banglalink SIM then you buy this Banglalink bundle pack with 35 Minutes, 300 MB and 10 SMS.

Recharge Tk 38 or press the code * 166 * 38 # to buy Banglalink Tk 38 bundle pack. Duration 7 days.


Hope we have made your search for Banglalink bundle offer 2022 easy. Friends, comment to know about banglalink minutes, internet, sms and other banglalink offers

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