Teletalk 4G Internet setting 2023 | টেলিটক ইন্টারনেট সেটিং

Today I will tell you about Teletalk 4G Internet setting. Currently, Teletalk has released the Internet settings for Teletalk users. Similarly, Teletalk is the only government mobile operator in Bangladesh to provide internet access privileges to Bangladeshi students.

Moreover, Teletalk SIM users have the best internet offers for their customers. Millions of people across the country are getting more and more interested in enjoying Teletalk 4G Internet services. So, Teletalk 4G Internet setting process is now searched by many people on Google.

Above all, you can do your own mobile phone 4G internet settings. For instance, you can easily change the Internet setting at any time.

Teletalk 4G Internet setting

Teletalk 4G Internet setting 2023

Also, this Internet setting is available for all devices. Teletalk customers can do Teletalk 4G Internet setting both automatically and manually if they wish.

So, we are here to tell you all the latest accurate information about Teletalk 4G Internet setting 2021.

However, here you can know Teletalk Internet setting Automatic way and Teletalk Internet setting manual process.

Teletalk Internet Settings 2023 Full Details

Firstly, many methods are running to do Teletalk 4G Internet setting 2021. Similarly, there are mainly three ways for Teletalk SIM settings.

The first method is Teletalk Internet Setting Auto Mode. Then, the second popular method is Teletalk Internet Setting Manual.

Also, you can get these settings via SMS if you want.

Otherwise, you will not be able to use the internet on your SIM properly.

Therefore, to use Teletalk data pack, you need to use Teletalk Internet setting. Here is the list of all Teletalk Internet settings for you.

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Note: Internet setting is one kind of process to configure your mobile handset. So let’s see all the processes related to Teletalk internet settings.

Service TypeAPNIPPort(optional)
Data Servicewap192.168.145.1019201

Let’s see all the Teletalk 4G Internet setting methods one by one.

  • Teletalk Internet Settings Automatic system.
  • Manual Teletalk Internet Settings system.
  • Teletalk Internet Setting by SMS.

Teletalk Internet Setting Automatic system

As I told you earlier, there is a manual method for setting up Teletalk Internet.

Manual setting is also available for Teletalk SIM for all types of mobiles. For example, Android Device, iPhone, Ipad, Windows 8 Lumia, etc.

In addition, you can get Teletalk 4G Internet setting for you even if you use internet with GP modem.

However, this method requires you to follow some steps to manually set up the internet.

For this reason, this Teletalk Internet setting is called manual setting. The main reason is that it will not be done automatically.

Let’s see how to do teletalk internet setting manually.

  • First, open the phone’s settings (Settings) option.
  • Then in the second step, select the Mobile Networks option.
  • Then, click on APN (Access Point Names).
  • AT last, select select New APN.

Teletalk Automatic Internet Settings

Friends Auto Teletalk Internet setting works on almost every phone. That is, in this method you do not need to do anything yourself.

For instance, when you turn on the mobile phone fitted with Teletalk SIM, the internet settings will be done automatically.

For example, you will receive an SMS to the customer for configuration to Internet settings.

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Then, you will receive a default password via SMS. In addition, you can get Teletalk Internet settings via SMS. So, let’s see the process of Teletalk Internet Setting Auto.

  • Firstly, Teletalk SIM insert on your mobile.
  • Then, you will get a configuration SMS from Teletalk.
  • Teletalk default internet setting password will be 1234.
  • If you, In case of changing your phone, you need to reset the settings.
  • Otherwise, you can request the Configuration SMS if you do not get it.
  • Also, you can request the SMS, if you delete it by mistake.
  • For a request, go to the message option on your phone. Then, type Set and send it to 738.

Teletalk Internet Setting For GP Modem

In this step of the post we are showing you how to do teletalk internet setting on grameenphone modem.

If you follow the steps below correctly, you can easily complete your teletalk internet settings for GP modem.

  • Connect GP Internet Modem to your PC Then Open GP Internet Modem
  • Then Go To Tools –>Options–>Profile Management
  • Step-3: Now Show Default GP-INTERNET Profile.
  • Then Please, select “New” From Right Side
  • Step-5: Now Press Access Number:*99#
  • Finally, Press OK

Similarly, I think you are able to complete internet setting on GP modem very easily.

If you are able to complete internet setting of your Teletalk SIM through this process then definitely don’t forget to share the post.

Teletalk Internet Setting Automatic Code

However, there are many ways to set up Teletalk Internet. Similarly, you can get Teletalk Internet settings via SMS. At any time, you can set up your phone’s internet.

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All you need to do is send an SMS to 738. Then, after some time your internet settings will be done.

So let’s see how to get Teletalk internet settings through SMS.

Firstly, go to the Write Message option on your mobile phone. Then, type Set, and send it to 738.

Then you will get a configuration message for internet settings.

In conclusion,

Hope you got to know about Teletalk 4G Internet setting.

If you have any more questions about this, let us know in the comments.

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