Robi SMS pack code 2023 list | রবি এসএমএস কেনার কোড

Welcome to Robi SMS pack code post. Robi is the second largest telecom operator in Bangladesh. Currently, many people are searching for Robi SMS purchase code on Google.

It is natural that the use of SMS will increase in the context of Digital Bangladesh. The use of SMS has many benefits, according to which the use of SMS in our country is very negligible.

Hopefully every mobile operator in Bangladesh now provides SMS pack codes to their customers to purchase more SMS and Robi is no exception.

If you want to purchase SMS on Robi SIM then here we provide you some Robi SMS pack codes.

Robi SMS Pack Code

Although the use of SMS is high in the developed world, the use of SMS in our country is currently increasing slowly.

However, for those who use smart phones, the trend of SMSing has decreased due to the advent of various online chatting software.

Robi SMS Pack Code 2023 | রবি এসএমএস কেনার কোড

If you are looking for robi sms pack code then you are at right place but i tell you that you can buy sms without robi sms pack code.

As Robi is currently offering 180 SMS to any network for Rs 5 to its customers on their official website, you don’t need to use any SMS pack code to purchase this offer.

Your offer will be activated as soon as you go directly to Robi’s official website with your number and click on the continue button.

But keep in mind that this offer will be activated directly if you have enough balance in your mobile.

Robi sms pack 5 Tk

Friends if you want to buy robi sms pack you can check this sms offer 100 sms for 5 taka, 30 days

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Robi SMS pack 2 tk

Currently Robi customers are seen looking for Robi SMS pack 2 tk offer. However, for the sake of informing you, currently there is no such offer running on Robi SIM.

But yes you can get robi sms pack 3 tk a pack. This pack has some limitations.

Because 40 SMS is being provided for Rs 3 and out of forty SMS you can send 20 SMS from Robi to Robi and 20 SMS to any other network. Duration is only one day.

Robi 200 sms offer Robi 200 SMS Pack

You must be looking for Robi SMS offer for 30 days period. Robi is providing SMS offers for several 30 days period, if you are looking for Robi 200 SMS purchase code then this is for you.

By purchasing this Robi 200 SMS I can easily send SMS to any network in the country.

This Robi 200 SMS pack code is *123*2*7*1#.

SMS PackPriceValidityActivation Code
200 SMS5 Taka30 Days*123*2*7*1#

Robi 5 taka 200 sms code

Robi 500 SMS offer Robi 500 SMS Offer

Friends if your SMS usage is high then you can purchase 500 SMS pack instead of 200 SMS offer.

Currently Robi is providing 500 SMS offer for Robi customers at just Rs.10.

You can use activation code to purchase this offer through Robi SMS purchase code method.

Robi 200 SMS pack code is *123*2*7*2#.

SMS PackPriceValidityActivation Code
500 SMS10 Taka30 Days*123*2*7*2#

Robi SMS pack code list 2023

Friends, as per your google search, we have described above three offers of your Robi SMS offer.

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In addition, there are many more offers in robi sim, you can check the following table and buy your desired required robi sms bundle pack.

Robi SMS offer | Validity 1 day

Robi sms pack short sms pack list has 4 sms offers for 1 day duration, you can choose any sms offer as per your choice.

SMS Pack– Price– Activation Code– Expiration

  • 40 SMS (20 Sun-Sun  20 Other) –Rs.3– *8666*40#– 1 day
  • 100 SMS (any operator)– Rs.10– *8666*1000# –1 day
  • 200 SMS (any operator)– 5 taka– *123*6*5*5#– 1 day
  • 500 SMS (any operator) –10 taka –*123*6*5*7#– 1 day

Robi SMS offer | Validity 2 days

The Robi SMS offer consists of two SMS packs for a period of two days. A 100 SMS offer is a 200 SMS offer.

You can activate SMS pack with Robi SMS purchase code.

SMS –Pack Price– Activation Code– Expiration

  • 100 SMS (Sunday – Sunday)– 5 taka– *8666*5555# –2 days
  • 200 SMS (any operator) –10 taka– *123*6*5*6# –2 days

Robi 100 SMS Offer

Robi SMS offer | Validity 3 days

For those of you who promote various products through SMS, I think Robi SMS Pack for 3 days is the best SMS pack.

Because for three days you get 1000 minutes by spending only 10 takas.

SMS– Pack Price– Activation Code– Expiration

  • 1000 SMS (Sunday – Sunday) –Rs. 10– *123*6*5*8#– 3 days

Robi weekly SMS offer

Friends, if you check Robi SMS pack code list for 7 days validity, only one offer is available.

If preferred you must purchase the offer using Robi activation code.

  SMS Pack– Price– Activation Code– Expiration

  • 250 SMS (Sunday – Sunday)– Rs.15 –*8666*07#– 7 days
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Robi monthly SMS Bundle offer

If you are looking for Robi 30 days SMS offer then you can surely see why. However, Robi has fixed the validity period of this SMS pack for 7 days.

Above all, Robi 1000 sms pack, Robi 2000 sms pack, here two sms offers are discussed in full detail.

  SMS Pack– Price– Activation Code– Expiration

  •  2000 SMS (Sun-Sun) –Rs.130.43 –*8666*1500#– 28 days
  • 1000 SMS (any operator)– Rs 173.91– *8666*2000# –28 days

Robi Saturday SMS offer

In Robi Satarday/Saturday SMS Pack, there is a special day duration SMS offer.

24 hours duration sms offer price only Rs 6.09, 500sms only Rs 6. You can easily purchase with SMS offers by using Robi SMS Buy Code.

  SMS Pack– Price –Activation Code– Expiration

  •   500 SMS (any operator)– Rs 6.09 –*123*223#– 24 hours

robi 500 sms pack

Robi sms checking code? Robi sms check code how much?

If you purchase a Robi SMS offer, you may need a Robi SMS check code to check the remaining SMS.

If you use Robi app then your SMS check will be easy. Robi SMS checking code is *222*12#. Your Robi SMS check USSD code is *222*2#

Dial Robi SMS Check Code *222*12# to know remaining SMS balance of your purchased Robi SMS Pack offer.

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