Robi 499 TK Rrecharge Offer | রবি ৪৯৯ টাকা রিচার্জ অফার

Welcome to Robi 499 TK Recharge offer post. If you use Robi SIM together with internet and minutes, then one of the best Robi recharge bundle offers is for you.

In this popular package, Robi 499 recharge offer now gives you minutes and internet together.

Robi official banner and poster not much information about Robi Rs 499 recharge offer.

However, Robi Rs 499 offer on Robi Ghatchang store recharge is ongoing.

Maybe in the coming days they will bring the offer of Rs 499 in their poster, if you want you can start using the office banner, poster before the offer is published.

Robi 499 TK Recharge bundle intenret plus minute offer.

Robi 499 TK Rrecharge Offer

Robi 499 TK Recharge offer. Robi Rs 499 Recharge Offer

If you are looking for Robi Recharge Internet Offer Recharge Internet Package for Robi 30 days period, then I will tell you that you can use Robi 499 TK Rrecharge offer.

Now by spending only 499 Taka you get 700 minutes as well as 30 GB internet, read the full post to know more about this robi 499 Taka recharge offer.

Robi Tk 499 Recharge Bundle Offer Package Details

  • 499 TK— 700 Minute– 30 GB( 25GB+5GB 4G)– 30 Days

Robi 499 recharge internet offer

By looking at the table, you must have understood that Robi 499 TK Internet offer gives you 700 minutes to talk on any network in the country.

Along with this offer there is 30 GB internet, 25 GB regular and 5 GB 4G internet data are being given to the customers in this Robi internet pack.

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This Robi recharge bundle offer will be valid for 30 days for both the minutes and internet packages.

To know more about Robi SIM bundle offer 2023 you can visit our Robi bundle offer post to know about all the amazing Robi minutes plus internet offers.

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Hope you found your required information about Robi 499 TK Recharge offer.

If you have any more questions about Robi Tk 499 recharge offer let us know in comments.

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