My Robi Internet Offer 2023 | রবি আমার অফার কি? কিভাবে পাবেন

What is My Robi Internet Offer 2023 or My Robi Offer? Assalamualaikum friends hope you all are well. Many people are currently looking for cheap internet offers on their Robi SIMs, as well as many looking to purchase minutes offers on their SIMs at cheap prices.

Currently mobile telecom operators are using SMS method to inform their customers about the right offers.


My Robi Internet Offer

Customers are informed about new offers and special offers of their SIM using SMS method.

What is My Robi offer? 

Robi has some methods for its customers to check their SIM offers, My Robi Offer is one of these methods.

But My Robi offers offers to inform customers about offers through SMS. You can also know about new offers in My Robi Internet Offer.

My Robi offer is one kind of special offer for Robi users. In this process, Robi sends SMS on user’s numbers.

My Robi Offer Robi informs customers of regular minutes, internet offers through SMS.

In this case, if the customer wants, he can check the offers of his number himself.

For this, Robi is offering two types of methods to the customers-

  • One is Robi My Offer.
  • The other is the Robi Ghaichang store offer.

Robi is my offer

You will be informed about the offers through SMS from My Robi Internet Offer, you can only purchase those offers through recharge or dial the activation code.

But if you want to check Robi My offer on your own then you have to dial *888# to check your SIM.

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Where you can know and purchase all the cheap price offers running on your Robi SIM.

Robi ghechang recharge offer | Robi Ghaichang Store Offer

My robi ghechang store recharge offer like My robi ghechang store recharge offer is a popular offer purchase method. If you are availing regular Robi Internet offer, you must recharge from Robi Ghaichang store.

You can get more internet on your Robi SIM from robi ghechang recharge internet offer.

Customer can know about ongoing recharge ghachang offer on mobile through Robi ghachang store system. But in this way flexi load shopkeeper can tell the customer about the offer.

But it is best to know the purchase price by yourself and see the offers.

Robi Flexi Load is currently recharged in this manner.

My Robi Offer and Robi Ghaichang recharge method is a new method. Using this method customers and flexiload merchants are aware of SIM offers.

To check you Robi gas recharge offer just dial star *999#. After dialing this code, Robi will send a notification SMS on your special getting recharge offer.

Dial *999# from your mobile to know about Robi Ghatchang Store Recharge.

Robi will notify you about your offer via return SMS.

You will get to know about minutes, internet, SMS offers.

My Robi Internet Offer?

Friends There is no specific offer list for My Robi Internet Offer customers.

But I will tell you some of the offers that I have come to know about.

But you have to try to know about all offers by yourself *888# or *999#.

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Robi 2 GB 31 Taka offer

Recently Robi gave an SMS to my Robi SIM for 2 GB 7 days period, price is only 31 taka. To know all such wonderful offers, you have to visit regular My Robi offers.

Robi 21 Taka 1 GB

Recently I received another SMS on my Robi SIM-

1 GB Internet, 1 paisa second special call rate on Tk 21 recharge from Vikas/Cash. Duration 3 days.

In conclusion,

Hope you can know about My Robi Internet Offer 2023. Stay with us to know about Robi Mini offers, internet offers, call rate offers.

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