Robi internet package unlimited 2023 | রবি আনলিমিটেড ইন্টারনেট অফার

What is Robi internet package unlimited? This pack is what kind of pack you are looking for. Many people search Google now by writing Robi Unlimited Internet Pack. Many of them do not know that unlimited internet offers are not available on all SIMs.

But what I mean by unlimited internet pack is the internet offers which have a longer duration and offer more internet to Robi customers at a cheaper price.

However, Robi internet package unlimited offers are given on Robi International roaming SIMs. You can use this unlimited internet service of Robi in 77 countries outside the country.

If you want to use Robi internet package unlimited within the country, then I’d say you can use all the 30 days internet offers above 30GB on Robi SIM.

In this post unlimited internet offer 2023 discussion I will discuss you about big Rabi internet offers for 30 days period.

If you need big internet offers on Robi SIM then definitely stay with us we will discuss all your 30 GB and above offers.

Robi internet package unlimited

Robi internet package unlimited 2023

I told you earlier that Robi has brought the best unlimited data roaming offer available to customers in 77 countries. So to use Robi internet package unlimited you need to make your sim roaming.

There are 3 internet offers in the unlimited internet offer list.

Robi Unlimited Data Roaming Offers
PriceValidityUSSD codePrice+(VAT, SD & SC)
99 TK1 Day*123*0099#131.92
599 TK7 Days*123*00599#798.17
2599 TK30 Days*123*002599#3463.17

You can use the offers given in this table only with International Roaming SIM.

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However, the number of international roaming Robi SIM users is very less.

Let me know about some more Robi bundle offers that you will not find in the official banner-poster.

Currently if you want unlimited internet package on Robi SIM then I must suggest you the bundle offers.

Because currently you are getting minutes and internet together with Robi bundle offer.

But in this case there are many internet offers which you will get directly on recharge, for your Robi Prepaid SIM.

Robi 399 Taka recharge offer

To purchase the offer, you need to tell the Robi Flexi Load retailer, he will search the Flexi SIM and load the offer on your SIM.

Robi Tk 399 recharge offer, customer is getting 27 GB internet, validity 28 days.

Robi 499 Taka recharge offer

Friends, in a post I have described you Robi Bundle Offer 2023.

This offer is similar to the Robi Bundle offer, the offer is not in the Robi Bundle offer list.

There is a Robi Internet bundle offer for Rs 499 on Robi SIM. You can get this offer on your Robi SIM by contacting Robi Flexi Load Retailer.

To get the offer, you need to recharge your Robi SIM with Rs. 499 from Robi Ghachang store.

  • You will get 27 GB internet.
  • 700 minutes to talk to any network.
  • Validity is 30 days.

Robi 699 Taka recharge offer

If you are not supported to purchase internet package from Robi internet package unlimited, you can use other Robi internet packages.

In this case the Rs 699 Robi Recharge offer might be the best Robi bundle offer for you.

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In this offer Robi is giving you enough minutes and internet for just Rs 699.

To purchase the offer contact the retailer and recharge from 699 Ghaichang stores.

  • You will get 35 GB internet without any obligation.
  • There is also 1100 minutes to talk to any network.
  • Validity is 28 days.

You may not get the above mentioned offers on the official poster-banner. Besides Robi Flexi Retailer, Robi Sime and Robi Ghaichang store offers are also showing offers.

Also, Robi Robi informs customers about new offers through SMS.

Robi unlimited postpaid internet

Note: In this case, there are different types of bundle offers for Robi postpaid customers, unlimited Robi Internet Pack. You can know about Robi postpaid plan from Robi helpline to purchase Robi internet package unlimited.

in conclusion,

Hope you find the best offer from Robi internet package unlimited. Visit our blog regularly to know all such great offers of all telecom operators including Robi.

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