Robi 499 TK Recharge Offer | Robi Monthly Bundle Pack

Are you looking for Best bundle offer on Robi SIM? So, Robi 499 TK recharge offer is for you. Because Robi has now launched an excellent bundle offer of Rs 499 for customers. If you want to know about this wonderful Robi Bundle offer, you can read the post about Robi Rs 499 Recharge Offer.

Robi 499 Taka bundle pack now offers customers a combination of minutes and internet for a period of one month.

In addition, now Robi Cashback Offer 2023 Robi Ghechang Recharge offer customers are getting special cash back.

Robi Ghechang Recharge Offer 2023 to Robi Rs 499 bundle offer you can stomach up to Rs 50 cash back.

So you can say that if you provide Rs.50 cashback on this offer on Robi, the value of this offer stands at (Tk.499 -Tk.50) Tk.449.

Robi 499 TK Recharge Offer

If, you are interested in purchasing this supply then follow the guidelines.

If, you want to buy Best robi bundle offer under 500 Taka on your sim, then buy this pack.

Robi 499 TK recharge offer and cashback details Robi 499 Taka Recharge Offer

After Bangladesh National Budget 2023 all Robi recharge offers have been changed.

If you use a regular minute offer on Robi SIM and you want enough internet data with minutes.

But Robi started using Tk 499 recharge offer, validity 30 days.

How to buy Robi 499 TK bundle offer?

To buy Robi 499 taka bundle offer, Recharge 499 taka on your Robi SIM. Also can use My Robi AAP.

In this offer Robi customers are getting 700 minutes and 30 GB of internet. Validity 30 days.

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I am publishing this post on 20th March 2023, currently you will get 30GB internet and 700 minutes for this Rs 499 directly through Robi Retailer (Flexi Load Shop).

Robi 499 TK recharge bundle information

As earlier told you to get Robi 499 TK bundle offer you can directly recharge from flexiload shop (retailer) and purchase.

To recharge Robi Ghechang by dialing from flexi number ( * 999 * Amount * 499 # ) the flexi seller will notify you of your offer and you will also receive an SMS about the Robi offer on your SIM.

The right way to get Robi cashback?

If you want to avail the cash back by availing the Rs 499 bundle offer provided by Robi.

You will receive a cashback code through an SMS after purchasing the Tk 499 bundle offer from Robi Ghechang Recharge.

The Robi Cashback code must be dialed within 1 hour of purchase of the offer. Only then you will get Rs 50 cashback.

Robi 499 TK recharge offer code

Friends right now Robi has not provided any specific activation code to purchase Tk 499 bundle offer. Saral Robi himself is extra timid about this supply. Before shopping for supplies, take a look at what you get on Robi’s Rs 499 recharge.

Robi did not present any particular code provided for the 499 TK recharge offer. Plainly Robi himself is extra fearful about this provision. So earlier than shopping for the provide, take a look at what you’re getting at Robi 499 Taka Recharge.

In conclusion,

Hope you have no downside shopping for Robi 499 TK recharge offer provide.

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