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GP minute offer 30 days is our today’s topic. Do you want to save on your money? If so, then you’ll want to check out GP minute’s latest offer! Through this deal, you can get discounts on your GP minute pack 30 days you make a purchase, including those that. This is a great way to cut down on your monthly mobile costs and make sure that you’re getting the best deals possible. Act fast, because this offer is only available on our site.

To avail the GP Minutes Offer 30 days validity, you need to purchase a GP Minutes pack and check out the “30 days” validity at the time of checkout, so select the option.

You will be charged the regular price, but if you want to avail discount on purchase of GP Minute Offer 30 Days, then you need to keep an eye on the incoming SMS from the mobile banking services you are using or enter the mobile banking service apps for the same on Grameenphone Minute Offers. Check what kind of discounts are running.

GP Minute Offer 30 Days 2022 – New GP monthly minute packages

Currently Grameenphone is bringing new 30 days minutes pack for its customers. All minute packs are not announced on Grameenphone official banner poster.

Working with Grameenphone for a long time and having Grameenphone Flexi Load SIM, I am the first to know about many new offers of Grameenphone.

So to inform my readers I have come up with a new post about Grameenphone Minutes Offer 30 Days Validity 2022.

First I have prepared a table about Grameenphone’s current running 30 day period minute offer.

GP Minute Offer 30 Days 2022 list

In the GP Minute Offer 30 days period table you can see a more called GP Points which tells you how much GP Minute Points you get for buying any offer.

What is GP points? What are GP points?

Grameenphone has introduced a scheme called GP Points to further encourage customers to use the Minute Internet offer. In this method customer is getting specific amount of GP points by making certain offers.

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How to use GP points? How to use GP points?

You must have an Android smartphone to use GP Points. First you need to download and install the My GP Flexiplan app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

By installing My GP app you will know about GP Points and you can use GP Points.

Using GP Points (broken GP points in Grameenphone parlance) you can purchase internet offers. Grameenphone offers the facility of purchasing a certain internet pack by breaking a certain amount of GP Points.

GP 147 Taka Recharge Offer

Among the currently ongoing Grameenphone minute offers, the lowest Tk recharge minute offer for a period of 30 days is Tk 147 offer. To purchase this offer from GP minute offer 30 days list, you need to directly recharge your mobile with Tk 147.

Customers are getting Tk 147 recharge offer on GP SIM-

  • 185 minutes,
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Includes 110 GP points.

GP 199 Taka Recharge Offer

A favorite offer of many Grameenphone customers is the GP 310 minutes offer at Tk 199. Can use direct GP recharge method to purchase the offer.

But currently the customer is getting 250 free MB along with GP 300 minutes offer A minute along with GP points.

Also GP 300 Minute offer 30 Days post discusses multiple methods to purchase the offer.

199 Taka recharge offer on GP SIM customers are gettin

  • 310 minutes,
  • 250 MB Free internet.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Includes 104 GP points.

GP 207 Taka Recharge Offer

Almost every telecom operator is now releasing new 30-day period minute offers for customers.

New GP 300 Minute offer 30 Days is 207 Taka Recharge pack. In this offer, Grameenphone is giving customers more minutes and more free internet than the Rs 199 offer.

207 Tk recharge offer on GP SIM customer is getting-

  • 335 minutes,
  • 512 MB Free internet.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Includes 200 GP points.

GP 339 Taka Recharge Offer

Considering the current times, demand for Grameenphone 500 minutes offer is increasing day by day. Earlier Grameenphone introduced us with a 510 minutes offer.

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Currently Grameenphone telecom operator has released a new GP Minute offer 30 Days pack of Rs 339.

339 Tk recharge offer on GP SIM customers are getting-

  • 555 minutes,
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Includes 300 GP points.
  • GP 704 Taka Recharge Offer

The GP Minute offer 30 Days pack which provides the highest amount of minutes released under Grameenphone official banner is Tk 704 recharge offer.

The number of minute offers that provide more than 1000 minutes is not very high compared to Grameenphone and other telecom operators.

But currently there are two 1000 minutes offers running for GP SIM customers. Grameenphone or GP Tk 704 Recharge Minute Offer is currently providing GB free internet along with customer minutes.

704 Tk recharge offer on GP SIM, customers are getting-

  • 1170 minutes,
  • 1 GB Free internet.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Includes 530 gp points.

ALL New Grameenphone minute offer 30 Days list – Grameenphone minute offer list 2022 validity 30 days

New GP Minute Offer 30 Days packages

GP 307 Taka Recharge Offer

Now many customers search Google about GP 500 Minute offer 30 days. For them, currently, if you want to purchase 500 minutes for 30 days on Grameenphone SIM, please recharge 360 ​​Tk now.

Earlier we informed you about Grameenphone Rs 339 recharge 555 minutes offer.

But for your information Grameenphone Rs 307 Recharge Minute Offer Rs 339 Recharge Minute Offer has been released earlier and is still running for Grameenphone customers.

However, Grameenphone is currently not promoting this offer on official banners and posters. However, you can purchase the Grameenphone 510 minutes offer for a period of 30 days by recharging a fixed amount of Tk 207.

704 Tk recharge offer on GP SIM, customers are getting-

  • 510 minutes,
  • 512 GB Free internet.
  • Duration 30 days.

GP 604 Taka Recharge Offer

GP minute offer 30 days post already informed you about another 1000 more minutes offer.

Currently I have the Grameenphone latest released official banner, there is no promotion by Grameenphone regarding the 1000 minutes offer.

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But this is the first offer in Grameenphone 1000 minutes offer list. To get GP 1000 minutes offer you need to recharge Rs 604 directly.

604 Tk recharge offer on GP SIM customer is getting-

  • 1000 minutes,
  • 1 GB Free internet.
  • Duration 30 days.

GP Terms & Conditions:

How can I buy minutes in GP for 30 days?

If you want to buy a minute offer in GP SIM for 30 days, you have to recharge the above-mentioned amount in your SIM. If you want to purchase 310 minutes on your GP SIM for a period of 30 days, recharge TK. 199 now OR dial 1214018#. GP SIM has multiple methods for purchasing minute offers.

How can I buy 1000 minutes in GP?

To avail GP 1000 Minute offer, GP customers need to recharge the exact amount of 604 Taka or dial 1214209#. Grameenphone Customer will get 1000 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) & 1GB data for 30 days Validity.

How can I buy 500 minutes in GP?

Recharge 307 Taka to purchase a 500-minute offer pack in GP SIM for 30 days. Also Active GP 500 pack dial 1214208#. In this pack, Gp provides 500 minutes with 512 MB of free internet for 30 days.


If you’re looking for a GP minute offer 30 days pack that offers great value for your money, look no further! Our list of the best GP minute packs for 2022 offers you great value for your money, and guarantees that you won’t be disappointed.

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