GP Recharge Internet Offer 2023 | জিপি রিচার্জ ইন্টারনেট অফার ২০২২

Welcome to GP recharge internet offer 2023 post. The recently released Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer 2023 list has several new internet offers for customers. Grameenphone internet users always prefer to purchase GP recharge internet offer.

The latest published GP Internet Offer 2023 official poster informs customers about 14 internet offers. The Grameenphone internet packages can be purchased directly by the customer on recharge.

Currently, GP recharge internet offer starts from Tk 38, Grameenphone is currently offering the biggest recharge offer at Tk 499 for 25 GB offer.

GP Recharge Internet Offer

GP recharge internet offer 2023 | গ্রামীনফোন রিচার্জ ইন্টারনেট প্যাক ২০২২

Friends, for your information, currently GP points are being given by GP in GP recharge internet offers.

If you purchase these offers using the GP power load scheme, you will earn a certain amount of GP points for a certain amount of internet purchases.

You can spend GP Points by using Grameenphone MyGP app. Friends Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer 2023 has GP Internet Pack divided into three different tenures.

For your convenience, GP Recharge Internet offers have been reviewed in three categories.

  • GP recharge internet offer 3 Days,
  • GP weekly recharge internet offer,
  • GP recharge internet offer 30 Dyas,
  • GP recharge internet offer 3 Days

Friends from Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer 2023 you are getting four internet offers for three days. If you are looking for Grameenphone internet package for short period then you can avail these offers.

GP 1GB internet offer | 38 Tk recharge

Grameenphone customers are already familiar with Tk 38 recharge internet offer. However, Grameenphone 1GB Internet Offer List has slightly changed this offer.

Previously, 500 MB internet was available on Grameenphone SIM at the cost of 38 taka, but now 1 GB internet is being provided, so many people are buying this offer. If you want GP 1gb internet offer then you rechargeTk38 directly from GP Power.

  • Duration 3 days.
  • And you also get 31 GP Points.

GP 57 Tk recharge internet offer

Among the GP short term internet offers,Tk57 2GB internet offer is the most popular GP internet offer.

Currently GP is getting 2.5 internet on Tk 38 recharge offer. That means you are getting 500 MB internet more than before forTk57.

  • Duration 3 days.
  • And you still have 47 GP points.
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GP 3 GB internet offer | 63 TK

The offer is completely new GP recharge internet offer 2023. You know about GP SIM many internet offers but many people are not aware about this 3GB GP internet offer.

To purchase the offer, you directly recharge your SIM with Tk 63 from GP Power.

  • Duration 3 days.
  • And you also get 52 GP Points.

GP 69 Tk recharge internet offer

Among the offers in Grameenphone small internet pack 2023 list, 69 Tk recharge internet pack is one. GP 69 taka recharge internet offer customer is getting 3.5 GB internet on his sim.

  • Duration 3 days.
  • You will earn 57 GP Points.

GP internet offer 7 days

GP 94 Tk recharge offer

Recharge Tk 94 to purchase this Grameenphone internet offer for 7 days. Also 77 GP points are there.

Now you get 3.5 GB internet for 7 days with GP 94 Tk recharge internet offer. This offer in the Grameenphone Internet offer list at a price of around 100 Taka is now a favorite offer of many customers.

GP 114 Tk recharge offer

Among the weekly internet offers of GP SIM, the best selling offer is the GPTk114 recharge offer. The number of customers who have used GP weekly internet offer and not using Tk 114 internet pack is very less.

In the list of GP Internet offer 2020, 4 GB regular and 1 GB 4G Internet packs are given in this offer, but currently 5 GB Internet is being given directly to the customers.

  • Recharge Tk 114 to offer 5GB internet on Grameenphone SIM.
  • Duration 7 days.
  • And you will also get 94 GP Points.

GP 128 Tk recharge offer

It was once the highest MB offer in GP Weekly Internet Offer List during the Internet Offer period.

But currently there are bigger weekly internet offers than the GPTk148 recharge internet offer.

128 Tk recharge to purchase 8 GB internet package for 7 days period on GP SIM. You also get 105 GP points in this offer.

GP 148 Tk recharge offer

GP 148 Tk recharge internet offer is completely new internet pack 2023.

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It is currently the highest grameenphone internet offer for 7 days among Grameenphone weekly MB offers.

To buy this new GP recharge internet package 2023, GP customer has to recharge 148 taka, you will get 10 GB internet.

  • Duration 7 days.
  • Also get 122 GP Points.

GP internet offer 30 days

If, you are regular GP internet offer 30 days pack users, then GP nature has some very good offers waiting for you.

GP 308 Taka Recharge offer

Friends are currently getting 6GB internet on GP SIM with one month validity for 300 taka recharge.

Looking at the Grameenphone internet offers, it can be seen that the big internet offers are priced lower than the smaller offers.

GP 30 GB Internet offer

Dear Grameenphone customer if you want to purchase 30 GB internet offer in Grameenphone for 30 days period then it is possible.

Grameenphone has fixed the price of 30GB internet offer for their customers at Tk 409.

GrameenphoneTk499 recharge offer

Friends, the trend of popular telecom operators in Bangladesh gradually giving big internet offers is noticeable.

In continuation of that, Grameenphone has launched 45 GB internet offer at Tk 499.

Grameenphone Tk 499 recharge offer

GP has recently released new internet offers keeping in view the needs of the customers.

Recently we came to know about GP 55 GB internet offer at 599 Taka in their official poster, which offer is valid for 30 days.

GP Recharge Bundle Offer 2023

Dear Grameenphone Internet users, Grameenphone has brought Grameenphone bundle offer ( GP Recharge Bundle Offer 2023 ) for those of you who like to use internet and minutes together.

These GP bundle offers are offering more bundles to Grameenphone customers for a period of 30 days as compared to weekly bundle offers.

These bundle offers are provided in combination with minutes and internet.

Bikash Cash Out Charge 2023

Because at present in our country internet and minute offers are being used more and more for the benefit of those, here I have tried to give a poster and some description about Grameenphone recharge bundle offer.

All GP Recharge Bundle Offer 2023 mentioned here you can directly purchase through GP Recharge without any problem.

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Also, you can easily purchase offers using the popular mobile banking services of Bangladesh and GP Android apps.

GP offers questions and answers

How can I check GP 2023 internet offer?

Dial * 121 # to know about Internet Offer 2023 on your used GP SIM. A menu list will appear in front of you, from there you can check all the internet offers of your SIM just by selecting the internet pack.

How can I buy 15 GB in GP?

Currently GP Recharge Offer 2023 15 GB internet offer is not available for customers. However, there is a 16 GB internet pack for a period of seven days with a 159 taka recharge.

How can I buy 10 GB in GP?

GP 129 Taka Recharge Offer is currently offering customers 10 GB internet pack. Recharge Taka 129 directly to purchase the 7 days validity offer.

How can I buy MB GB?

Friends, you can use multiple methods to buy MB or GB in your GP SIM. Grameenphone subscribers can use GP Recharge offer, the easiest way to purchase GP MB. However, if you want, you can also purchase GP MB using My-GP app and mobile banking services of Bangladesh.


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