GP Balance Transfer Code | জিপি টু জিপি ব্যালেন্স ট্রান্সফার নিয়ম

Today I will tell you about GP To GP Balance Transfer Code 2023. It becomes necessary to transfer balance to friends, relatives or someone else’s mobile in sudden emergency. You can easily do this yourself using the GP balance transfer system.

And sometimes, many people may have trouble recharging due to the remoteness of Grameenphone Flexi Load phones in the remote areas of our country. So read the complete post to transfer balance from one GP number to another GP number i.e. GP to GP balance transfer for urgent needs of your loved ones or for yourself.

GP Balance Transfer Code

Brihattam is a mobile telecom operator of Grameenphone Bangladesh. In addition to maintaining the first position in the country in terms of number of subscribers, GP Minutes is giving customers internet offers and excellent benefits, one such benefit is GP balance transfer.

GP To GP Balance Transfer Code 2023 | জিপি ব্যালেন্স ট্রান্সফার নিয়ম

Are you searching GP to GP balance transfer code 2023? But you are at the right place, here we will tell you about GP balance transfer registration and balance transfer method from one SIM to another GP SIM.

Customers registered for Grameenphone Balance Transfer can transfer balance from their original account by sending a mobile message to a specific code.

Grameenphone allows customers to transfer money from Tk 10 to Tk 100 in every successful transaction. A GP customer can transfer up to a maximum of Rs 1,000 per month, for which the customer will be given 10 opportunities per month.

To transfer balance, you need to perform three steps.

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Grameenphone balance transfer যোগ্যতা কি?

Firstly, Grameenphone balance transfer should be 6 months old. Or you have to recharge 300 taka to your new sim.

After fulfilling either of these two conditions you can transfer balance from your Grameenphone SIM to another Grameenphone SIM.

GP Balance Transfer Registration System

GP balance transfer registration must be completed before balance transfer from one SIM to another SIM (GP to GP).

Write REGI in your mobile’s Write message option and send an SMS to 1000 to register. Now you can register with USSD code.

GP To GP Balance Transfer Code is *121*1500#.

  • If your GP SIM is eligible for balance transfer then dial this code *121*1500#.
  • Then press 1, no charge, free registration will be done.
  • Above all, after completion of GP balance transfer registration you will be sent your balance transfer pin code through an SMS.

For instance, note down the GP to GP balance transfer code. Because if you forget the GP balance transfer pin, you have to call the Grameenphone helpline to collect the pin code again.

GP To GP Balance Transfer System – জিপি ব্যালেন্স ট্রান্সফার করার পদ্দতি 

You can transfer gp to gp balance by following two methods.

1st Method:

  • After completing your grameenphone balance transfer registration, now dial *121*1500# to transfer balance from GP to GP.
  • Then, option number 2 from the menu list is three.
  • Then enter the amount,
  •   Enter gp balance transfer PIN code.

2nd Method:

  • To transfer the balance from GP to GP, Please Open your Mobile write message option. Then Type a message by following the exact SMS format.
  • SMS format for Balance Transfer Request is given below: BTR(space)****(PIN)(space)0171***(Mobile Number)(space)100(Amount)
  • Example: BTR 1234 017030291** 100
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GP Balance Transfer PIN Code Change | জিপি ব্যালেন্স ট্রান্সফার কোড 

You can easily change your GP Balance Transfer PIN Code by following our guide.

Grameenphone GP balance transfer pin code forgotten 1st Method

  • To Change GP Balance Transfer Pin Code Dial *121*1500#.
  • Select 3 to change your PIN from the menu list.
  • Then enter the old pin code.
  • At this stage you enter the new pin code.
  • Now enter the new PIN input code again to confirm the PIN code change request.

GP balance transfer pin change 2nd method

  • Open your mobile write SMS Options. Then type the exact SMS format we provide below.
  • CPIN (space) OLDPIN (space) NEWPIN (space) NEWPIN
  • Example: CPIN 1234 4321 4321
  • Send SMS to 1000 Number. 

GP Balance Transfer Limit

Restrictions are everywhere in the world, as is the gp to gp balance transfer method. Grameenphone Grameenphone balance transfer system has two limitations.

  • The first is that you can make a maximum of 10 GP to GP balance transfers per month.
  •   And the second is that you can transfer GP balance from a minimum of Rs.10 to a maximum of Rs.100.

GP balance transfer to bkash

Friends you can use bkash manual service or bkash apps to transfer balance from bkash to gramin phone number (gp balance transfer to bkash).

In both the methods, you can easily bring money to your Grameenphone number by dialing your number and mentioning your desired amount of money.


Hopefully those of you who were having problems with doing GP To GP Balance Transfer have solved your problem after reading this post.

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GP To GP Balance Transfer Code 2023 is discussed in detail here. If you know anything more about GP balance transfer rules, please comment us.

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