GP MB Check Code 2023 | গ্রামীণফোন এমবি চেক করার কোড

Dear readers, many of you search through Google to know about the Grameenphone MB checking code. Grameenphone is the most popular mobile SIM operator in Bangladesh.

Also, Grameenphone has the highest number of users in Bangladesh. Compared to all other SIMs currently, Grameenphone has the right facilities and is very valuable. Basically, you will get more Grameenphone services than any other SIM and you will get the corresponding benefits from Grameenphone.

Today’s article is made to inform you about Grameenphone MB Check Code.

Basically, many of you don’t use smartphones, you use ordinary phones, and many of you can’t see the Internet through apps using smartphones.

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So in today’s article, I will tell you how to check MB by dialing the USD code or how to check your internet balance from the My GP app.

Grameenphone MB Check

Dear Grameenphone SIM users you can use two ways to check Grameen MB.

These two ways are, first one is by going to the keyboard option of your mobile phone and dialing the dial USSD code and the other way is by downloading the My GP app on your smartphone.

If you are not a smartphone user then you must check MB using the USSD code of your mobile.

Grameenphone MB check code is- 1211*4#.

When you dial this code from your mobile phone, the return message will tell you how many MB you have on your mobile phone.

Also if you don’t get a return message then you can dial this code again without waiting for the message.

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Because many times when we dial, the message does not reach us due to some operator problem.

That’s why if we dial again and apply for the message, the next message will definitely come to your phone and you can see how much MB you have.

Grameenphone MB check through apps

Basically, you need a smartphone to check Grameenphone MB through apps.

You go directly to the Google Play Store from the smartphone and search by typing MY GP APPS.

After you search, you will find the My GP app first with the Grameenphone logo.

After downloading this app, you will log in to the app using your mobile number and a password of your choice.

After login in, you can see how many MB you have and how much balance you have on your mobile on the home page of the app.

This is currently the easiest way for any SIM operator.

But of course, you can use the USSD code as per your need or check it from the apps.

Grameenphone All Codes | Grameenphone MB Check USSD Code

What is Grameenphone MB check code?

Bangladesh’s popular SIM operator Grameenphone MB check code is 1211*4#.

What is grameen phone balance check code?

Grameenphone balance check code is *566#.

Grameenphone how to see the number?

Grameenphone number check code is *2#.

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