Banglalink Recharge Offer 2022 | BL Call Rate Offer

Friends, today I will tell you about Banglalink call rate offer, Banglalink recharge internet offer and Banglalink Bundle Offer 2022 from your Banglalink recharge offer 2022 list. Want to talk to any mobile operator number in the country from Banglalink at cheap rates, but you must know about Banglalink Recharge call rate offer and use it.

You can talk to all mobile operator numbers in the country at cheap rates from all the call rate offers of Banglalink SIM.

In this post you will be informed about Banglalink 48 paisa minute and Banglalink 1 paisa second call rate offer.

Above all, currently Banglalink customers seem to be more aware of call rate offers.

Don’t worry, you can get details about Banglalink recharge call rate offer and Banglalink recharge talktime offer purchase here.

How much banglalink call rate will you get if you recharge how much? What is the cheapest call rate on Banglalink SIM? You can know how to extend Banglalink call rate offer.

Banglalink recharge offer 2022

Banglalink gives cheap and long validity CALL RATE OFFER from all other operators in the country. From Banglalink Recharge Offer 2022, customers are getting 2 types of call rate offer.

Banglalink best call rate offers include Tk 59 and Tk 159 recharge offers. You must use these two offers to get Banglalink 48 Paisa/Minute call rate offer.

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New Banglalink call rate offer

Friends, Banglalink has brought the best 2 call rate packages of 48 paisa per minute for its customers in 2022.

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Now customers can talk to any telecom number in the country at one rate using these cheap call rate offers.

New Banglalink call rate offer

Banglalink 59 Tk recharge offer

Many of us have used the Banglalink 39 Tk 1 paisa/second call rate offer. However, banglalink has brought new call rate offer 2022 keeping the 39 taka 1 paisa per second offer running.

The customer has to directly recharge 59 taka to get the 48 paisa minute call rate offer.

Banglalink 59 Tk recharge customers are getting-

  • 48 paise/minute call rate
  • Duration 7 days.
  • You can call all local network numbers at one rate.
  • In this offer you are offered a call rate of 48 paise per minute for 7 days. However, there is still a 1 paise/minute offer for 7 days with an offer of TK39.

In addition, banglalink 1 paisa seccond call rate is running at 39 taka recharge.

Banglalink 159 Tk recharge offer

Are you offering cheap banglalink SIM call rates for 30 days? But Banglalink has brought you Tk 159 recharge call rate offer.

Banglalink is offering a second call rate of 48 paise for a period of one month for customers who are getting a recharge of 159 taka like the 59 taka recharge offer.

Banglalink 159 Tk recharge offer provides a 48 paisa minute call rate for 30 days. To start Banglalink 48 paisa minute call rate package recharge 159 Taka on your Banglalink SIM.

With Banglaling Tk 159 recharge, customers are getting-

  • 48 paise/minute call rate
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Call rates on all networks.

Banglalink call rate offer 2022 packages

Friends, after the current new call rate of Tk 59, 159 many may wonder what happened to Banglalink earlier call rate offers.

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For instance, you can use Banglalink’s previous 1 Paisa/second call rate offer.

But to get the best banglalink call rate offer 2022 of 48 paisa/minute you use the offer of Tk 59,159.

However, if you want, you can activate the offers from the Banglalink 1 Paisa/second list by recharging.

Banglalink call rate offer 2022 packages

Banglalink 39 tk recharge offer

Friends Banglalink call rate offer most popular call rate offer is 39 taka recharge offer. Still many customers use Banglalink Tk 39 call rate offer as their regular offer.

Banglalink 39 Tk recharge offer customers are getting call rate of 1 paisa second (including tax). On the other hand, in Banglalink 59 recharge offer, customers are getting 48 paisa minutes offer.

If you are interested in buying banglalink 39 tk recharge offer, then recharge this amount.

  • Duration 7 days.

Banglalink 79 tk recharge offer

Do you know about banglalink 15 days term call rate offer?

Yes you can now recharge your Banglalik SIM with Tk 79 to get cheap call rate offer for 15 days.

Banglalink 79 Taka 79 recharge you get-

  • 1 paisa second call rate
  • Duration 15 days.
  • One callrate on any network.
  • Banglalink 139 tk recharge offer
  • Once upon a time, the most popular and used monthly call rate offer on Banglalink SIM was 139 taka 1 paisa second offer.

Above all, many Banglalink customers still use the Tk 139 offer.

I will tell them that you should use Banglalink Tk 159 call rate offer which is better than Banglalink Tk 139 offer.

Banglalink 159 taka call rate offer will save you a lot of money.

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To activate Banglalink 1 paisa second

recharge 139 Taka,

  • You will get 1 paisa/second call rate,
  • 30 days.

Banglalink Trams and conditions

All Banglalink customers can avail these offers.

  • Banglalink customers can purchase offers from MyBL app.
  • Or you need to recharge the mentioned amount to activate Banglalink Call Rate Offer.
  • To check Banglalink Call Rate validity dial * 121 * 100 #
  • Dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to know your current Banglalink call rate offer.
  • The recharge amount will be added to the main account of the customer.
  • Offers can be redeemed multiple times.


Hope you got to know about Banglalink recharge offer 2022 that you googled. We have tried to inform here about Banglalink call rate offer 2022 full list and all packages.

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