Skitto Internet Offer 2023 GP | স্কিটো সিমের ইন্টারনেট অফার

Today I will tell you about Skitto internet offer 2023. Skito SIM Internet offers released by Grameenphone are very good. This SIM is at the top of the list of Internet users. Originally Grameenphone released this GP Skito SIM to add more runs to internet usage.

So now many people search Google how to buy skitto internet package? Here you will be informed about Skito SIM internet offer purchase and all Skito SIM offers.

Skitto Internet Offer 2023 GP

Basically, the internet offers of Skito SIM can be known by this SIM user himself. But since many new customers want to know about Skitto internet offer before purchasing SIM this post is for them.

Skitto SIM internet offer 2023 

Like Grameenphone regular internet offers GP Skito SIM has some regular internet offers and some promotional internet offers.

GP Skitto SIM provides two kinds of internet offer.

  • Chill deals
  • and promo deals

Skitto Chill deals don’t change much. The variation in Skitto promo deals is noticeable and sometimes huge discounts are available on these Skitto internet offers.

Earlier Skitto SIM did not offer any kind of bundle offer but now you can find Skitto bundle offer among Skitto promo deals.

Basically Skito bundle offer is providing the customers with internet minutes together. Basically, the purpose of using the internet is to sell the sim, now the customer can talk and run the internet from this sim through these offers.

Skitto Chill internet offer 2023

Each internet pack of GP Skitto internet offers has a different name. Grameenphone Skito SIM provides internet offers with all the wonderful names like BACKpack, cool kuasha, bishal luggage, bonfire, jora pata, power bank, sunglass, monkey cap.

Friends Skito is called a digital party campaign. The names of Skito SIM internet offers change seasonally and are named according to the season.

Let’s first know about Grameenphone Skitto internet offer 2023 chill deals.

Friends, it is important to keep in mind that this Skito SIM internet offers are constantly changing, as it is a digital internet offering SIM.

So Skito Internet offers cannot be purchased directly through recharge, you have to purchase through apps.

However, you can purchase internet or MB on your SIM using popular mobile banking services in Bangladesh.

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You can easily recharge from Grameenphone Flexi to recharge on Skito SIM.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of recharging directly, you can easily launch your internet offer by selecting any of the popular mobile banking services in Bangladesh as a payment method.

Skito Internet Pack List

1 GB21 Taka3 Days
2.5 GB36 Taka3 Days
2 GB41 Taka7 Days
3 GB53 Taka7 Days
5 GB66 Taka7 Days
7 GB84 Taka7 Days
9 GB96 Taka7 Days
4 GB115 Taka30 Days
5 GB131 Taka30 Days
8 GB169 Taka30 Days
15 GB241 Taka30 Days
20 GB275 Taka30 Days
12 GB+200 Min290 Taka30 Days
20 GB+300 Min387 Taka30 Days
25 GB+600 Min482 Taka30 Days

Friends, to sell Skito internet offer mentioned here, you need to recharge Skito SIM or select any mobile banking service and purchase.

Why can’t any Skito internet offer be purchased through direct recharge?

Skitto 1GB at 21 Taka

According to Skito SIM features, they provide internet offers at low cost. Currently 1 GB internet is being given for 21 taka for 3 days.

Skitto 2.5 GB at 36 Taka

2.5 GB internet price for 3 days period for Skito SIM customers has been fixed at Tk 36.

Skitto 2GB at 41 Taka

Currently, in the Internet offer called Vishal Baggage in Skito Apps, the customer is being given 2GB Internet for 7 days at the price of Tk 41.

Skitto 3GB at 53 Taka

Skito is offering many internet packs to customers for 3 days and 7 days period, among them is a 3 GB internet pack, this offer will cost 53 rupees to purchase, 7 days period.

Skitto 5GB at 66 Taka

Internet offers at cheaper rates than other regular SIMs are available here. Skito SIM is getting 5GB internet for just 66 taka.

Skitto 9GB at 96 Taka

9 GB internet pack price was Rs 99 earlier but now it is Rs 96, validity is 7 days.

Skitto 4GB at 115 Taka

Skito SIM monthly internet offer starts from Tk 115 at present. If you look at GP Skitto internet offer 2023 list, the lowest price internet pack is given at 115 taka.

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By purchasing this offer, customers get 4 GB internet for 30 days.

Skitto 20GB at 275 Taka

An internet offer called Monkey Cape within Skito China is offering customers 20GB of internet for Rs 275 for 30 days.

Skitto Promo Deals offer 2023

Friends, if you review the internet offers of Skito SIM, the Internet offers from Skito SIM to Skito SIM are quite attractive and excellent.

The Scytho evidence shows great variation. Recently bundle offer has already been added.

Skitto InternetPriceValidity
25 GB299 Taka30 Days
20 GB197 Taka30 Days
7.5 GB90 Taka7 Days
5.5 GB75 Taka7 Days
3.5 GB49 Taka3 Days
2.5 GB37 Taka3 Days
50 GB479 Taka30 Days
40 GB398 Taka30 Days
15 GB249 Taka30 Days
5 GB135 Taka30 Days
4 GB119 Taka30 Days
3 GB99 Taka30 Days
15 GB+800 Min498 Taka30 Days
25 GB+700 Min449 Taka30 Days
10 GB+500 Min349 Taka30 Days
20 GB+300 Min399 Taka30 Days
12 GB+200 Min299 Taka30 Days
4 GB+100 Min149 Taka30 Days
9 GB99 Taka7 Days
3 GB55 Taka7 Days
2 GB43 Taka7 Days
1 GB+50 Min49 Taka7 Days
515MB+30 Min30 Taka7 Days
1 GB23 Taka3 Days
140 MB4 Taka3 Days

Friends, to purchase Skitto internet offer (Skitto internet offer 2023) mentioned here, you need to recharge Skitto SIM or select any mobile banking service and purchase. No internet offer can be purchased directly through recharge.

Skitto 50 GB internet offer

You can purchase all internet and bundle offers of Skito SIM from Skito app.

Friends, you must have got detailed information about Skito SIM internet offers from the above two tables. If we describe each offer in detail, the post will be too long and you will not enjoy reading it.

Skito 50 GB Internet offer price is only Tk 479. Where customers can use for a period of one month. But bundle offers are optional, so use Skito bundle offer where minutes and internet are provided together.

Friends the most amazing offers on Skitto Internet Offer List are available at Skitto Promo Deals.

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Skitto Promo Deals and skitto sim offers include small to small and large to large internet packs, as well as bundle offers, similar offers are noteworthy.

Skitto internet offer 2023 is made with all kinds of thoughts in mind.

So select the internet offer according to your choice and you can purchase from mobile banking service or you can easily buy your Skitto offer by recharging money from SIM flexiload.

Skitto Sim Minute Offer – skitto sim Minute offer

Guys if you are looking for minutes only offer then this offer is not available for you on skito sim.

Because Skito SIM was developed by Grameenphone for internet browsing.

Later on the SIM was updated as per the demand of the customers but the reluctance of the company to offer only minutes on this SIM is noticeable.

If you need to use minutes, you have to purchase any skitto internet offer bundle pack to use milit and internet together.

Skitto internet offer code

Friends, Skito does not provide any kind of activation code for purchasing internet offers, which I told you earlier.

To use skitto internet you don’t bother yourself to find skitto internet offer code. Why you can buy all internet and bundle offers of Skito SIM from Skito app.

Why Skito SIM Internet offers of Skito SIM vary and customers are given regular updates about Internet offers from the Skito app.

How to Buy skitto internet package?

Friends to purchase skitto internet package you login Skitto apps by providing your sim number. Where Skitto will inform you about all the offers, you can choose any one of the offers and purchase if you have enough balance in your account or you can purchase Skitto internet package through your mobile banking account connect.

How do I buy Skitto MB pack?

Use the Skito app to purchase Skito Internet offers. Skito Internet packages can also be purchased online from popular mobile banking services.

How do I check my Skitto Internet offer?

Use the Skito app to purchase Skito Internet offers. Skito Internet packages can also be purchased online from popular mobile banking services.

How can I migrate GP to Skitto?

To migrate from the Grameenphone SIM you used to Skito SIM, visit the nearest Grameenphone Customer Care. You can easily migrate GP SIM to Skito SIM through Grameenphone Customer Care Ownership.


Therefore, hope you got to know about Skitto internet offer 2023.

Skitto offers are neatly arranged for customers. Hope you find the internet offer you want.

Friends, we always try to give you correct information, currently these internet offers are being observed when you launch Skito SIM app, so we are informing you about these internet offers.

Therefore, we are determined to inform you of any changes to Skitto internet offers.

So share this Skitto internet offer post among your friends and let more people know.

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