Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2023 | রবি বন্ধ সিম অফার

You can know about Robi bondho sim offer 2023 in today’s post. Many people search on Google about Robi off sim offer. So I am informing everyone about Rabi Bandh SIM Offer 2023 post. At present robi silent sim offers many offers for customers.

Know whether you are covered by Robi Bandh SIM offer and choose the right offer for you. Now you can come back to Robi 4.5 G Network and get all the best internet and call rate offers.

How to find your closed SIM offer? Read full post to know how to easily see Robi bondho sim offer.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2023-

If you come back to Robi SIM, Robi is giving 4 GB internet, 120 minutes, 120 SMS on any network for 30 days. In just one recharge.

Offer can be redeemed multiple times during offer period.

Robi bondho sim offer check code

Friends, I have already told you that to purchase the offer from Robi Bandh SIM Offer 2023, you have to accept Robi’s conditions.

You need to send an SMS to know about Robi conditions and which customer will get Robi off sim offer.

In addition, from Robi official website and My Robi Apps, you can easily know whether you will get closed SIM offer.

Moreover, you can know your SIM offer from Robi Retailer/Flexiload shop.

To know Robi Bandh SIM Offer 2023 through SMS

By dialing this code A<space>018XXXXXXXXX to 8050 or can dial *8050#, you will know about the closed SIM offer.

I am telling you to write A from the Write SMS option of your mobile with a space (leaving one square empty) press your mobile number (018XXXXXXXX) and send the SMS to 8050.

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You will be notified through SMS about your blocked SIM offer.

Check off SIM offers from Robi website and My Robi Apps-

  • Click here to know Bandho SIM Offer 2023 from Robi website.
  • Download My Robi Apps from Google Play Store. You can know about your offer by logging into the app from your locked SIM.

How to know off SIM offer from Robi Retailer-

In the same way flexi is loaded for customers, just dial *999* your number# and you will receive an SMS and see the Retailer and your offer.

Robi Bandh SIM Offer 2023 can be availed using any one of the above 3 methods.

Robi 119 Tk recharge offer

Friends if you are included in Robi bondho sim offer then you can get 119 rupees many more.

  • 4 GB Internet { 3GB + 1GB (4G) internet}
  • 120 minutes (can talk to any number in the country)
  • 120 SMS (any network)
  • Expiry 30 days,
  • You will get 119 rupees on recharge.
  • The customer can redeem the offer as many times as possible during the offer period.

Please dial * 3 # to check Robi Internet balance. Dial * 222 * 2 # to check Robi minutes balance. Dial * 222 * 12 # to know test balance via SMS

Robi 48 Tk recharge offer

Friends from Robi bondho sim offer 2023 you are getting recharge offer of Rs 119 as well as a recharge offer of Rs 48

Robi Bandh SIM Customers Tk 48 Recharge Offer –

  • 6 GB internet
  • 48 Paisa/Minute call rate
  • 48 SMS
  • Validity is 30 days.

The offer can be availed once by the customer.

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Robi 47 Tk recharge offer

Friends the recharge offer of Tk 47 is a regular robi call rate offer. Regular users get 7 days of validity.

However, Robi Bandh SIM offer customers are getting Tk 47 recharge for 30 days. Call rate 47 Paisa/min (+Tax) to any network number from Robi.

Customers can redeem the offer multiple times during the offer period.

Robi Bandh SIM Offer Terms and Conditions

  • Customers can redeem the offer as many times as possible during the promotional period.
  • Robi may discontinue or add/change the terms of the Offer at any time.
  • Offer pending further notification.


Hope, you got to know about Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2023.

Visit the Robi website or comment for more details about Robi Bandh SIM Offer 2023.

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