Robi SMS Purchase Code | Best Robi SMS Offer 2023

Robi SMS Purchase Code | Best Robi SMS Offer 2023 To buy sms offer in robi now many customers want to know about sms purchase code in robi. At present, Robi is facilitating customers to purchase SMS offers in multiple ways. The most popular way to purchase SMS on Robi SIM is by using Robi SMS pack codes.

You will be very happy to know that Robi has come up with all the wonderful and tempting Robi SMS packs for the customers. You can use Robi Official Website or Robi SMS Offer Code or My Robi Apps to purchase this Robi SMS Offer.

Here we will tell you about Robi sms purchase code and two more methods. Methods using which you can easily purchase SMS offer package on your Robi SIM.

Robi SMS Purchase Code

How to Buy SMS from Robi SMS Offer 2023 List

Robi SMS Buy Code is the most popular and most customer friendly way to buy SMS on Robi SIM. Robi has a variety of SMS offers for customers that customers want to know about on a daily basis.

After reading this post we think you shouldn’t have any problem in purchasing Robi SMS offer.

  • SMS purchase using Robi SMS Pack activation code
  • Purchase Robi SMS Pack using Robi official website
  • Purchase of Robi SMS offers using the My Robi app

Read the complete post to know how to buy Robi SMS offers in these three ways.

Robi sms purchase code list

You can easily purchase the Robi SMS offers mentioned in this table by dialing the activation code.

Here the SMS amount offer duration and activation code are detailed.

Friends this is the table to purchase sms using robi sms pack activation code.

40 SMS 3 TK24 HR*8666*100#
100 sms 10 taka 1 day *8666*100#
200 sms 5 taka1 day *123*6*5*5#
500 sms 10 taka 1 day *123*6*5*7#
100 sms 5 taka 2 days *8666*5555#
200 sms 10 taka2 days *123*6*5*6#
250 sms 15 taka 7 days *8666*07#
500 sms 10 taka 30 days *123*2*7*2#
500 SMS Tk 6.091 day *123*223#
1000 SMS Tk 173.91 28 days *8666*2000#
1000 sms 10 taka3 days *123*6*5*8#
1500 sms 20 taka30 days *123*2*7*3#
2000 SMS 130.43 Tk28 days *8666*1500#

Robi SMS Purchase Code 2023 Table

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Popular mobile telecom operator in Bangladesh, Robi offers the lowest call rates to its customers along with the cheapest SMS offers.

  You can use this table to find sms purchase code in Robi. All the robi sms purchase codes mentioned here will be useful for you so you can save as needed.

From the above mentioned table, it can be seen that Robi has kept SMS offer of minimum 3 rupees and maximum 173.91 rupees for the customers.

Robi customer can find the best offer according to the specific period according to the SMS offer of their choice.

Purchase Robi SMS Pack using Robi official website

Friends instead of buying sms using robi sms purchase code, using robi official website you will get latest updated sms offers.

Step 1: Click here to buy Robi SMS pack using Robi website. You can see the search box in the top right corner of Robi’s official website.

Step 2: If you type SMS in the search box, you will get many new and updated official SMS offers. From here you click on your favorite Robi SMS offer.

Third step: Now if you have enough balance in your mobile, you can easily purchase the SMS offer by entering the number in the number field.

Robi also provides Robi SMS redemption codes on the page for the convenience of their customers.

Robi Rs 5 sms pack

Currently if you want to buy SMS offer on Robi for Rs 5 then you can buy 180 SMS pack for 30 days from Robi official website for Rs 5 on any network for 30 days.

Robi 5 Tk 180 SMS is valid for 30 days on any network. *123*2*7*1# is the code to buy 180 sms for Rs 5 on Robi.

Robi 10 taka sms pack purchase code

As per the latest update published on the Robi official website, Robi is offering 450 SMS to Rs 10 SMS pack customers with the facility to send SMS to any network.

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If you are busy looking for robi sms purchase code then surely your busyness is over here. Because we have provided you with the right guidelines to buy sms on Robi in the right way.

Buying 450 SMS from the official website will cost you Rs 10.

If you want, you can directly purchase the SMS offer by providing your number on the official website.

Also you can use the code *123*2*7*2# to buy 450 SMS for Rs 10 on Robi. Robi customers can send 450 SMS to any network for a period of 30 days.

How to Buy Robi SMS from My Robi App

Nowadays, more or less people are using smartphones. If you are using a smart phone in today’s smartphone era, then you must use My Robi Apps.

Because using My Robi you can use it as per your choice in the form of minutes, internet, sms bundle packs.

You can also create custom sms packs on Robi using My Robi Apps. There is also the facility of setting the desired period.

In this way you can create a Robi SMS pack for yourself in addition to the Robi sms purchase code.

  Robi SMS Check Code

After knowing the details about robi sms purchase code, you must be wondering how to check my robi remaining sms after buying robi sms.

To know the remaining SMS SMS validity of the Robi SMS offer pack you are using, you need to dial the Robi SMS check code or you can check the remaining SMS of your Robi SMS offer from the dashboard by logging into My Robi Apps.

To know about SMS on Robi the Robi SMS check code is- *222*11#

Code to buy sms for Rs 1 on Robi

Currently Robi is not providing any SMS offer to customers for Rs.1. So don’t waste your precious time looking for 1 taka sms on sunday.

100 sms for Rs 3 on Sundays

Many Robi customers are looking for 100 SMS per person for Rs.3. But for your information, currently Robi is offering 40 sms pack to its customers instead of 100 sms at Rs 3 in Robi.

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You can purchase Robi’s 40 SMS pack by dialing the activation code from the above table.

Robi code to buy 500 sms for 10 taka

Friends, Robi is giving 500 sms pack offer at 10 taka to the customers, the offer period is only 24 hours. 500 sms pack code for Rs 10 is *123*6*5*7#.

Sunday 2 SMS at Rs

Like the 100 sms offer for 3 taka in Rabi, the SMS offer for 2 taka in Rabi has also been stopped.

Robi SMS buy code list in our mentioned table is Rs 3 SMS pack and Robi office website lowest SMS pack price is Rs 5 180 SMS for 30 days period.

Some Questions and Answers about Robi SMS Offer

How much is the SMS purchase code in Robi?

Friends SMS purchase code is not specified in Robi. Because Robi customer has to use different Robi Robi SMS purchase code to purchase different SMS packs. For example Rabi 5 Taka 180 SMS pack code is *123*2*7*1# and Rabi 10 Taka 450 SMS pack code is *123*2*7*2#.

How to buy Robi SMS offer?

Use activation code to buy SMS offers on country’s best network Robi. You can also purchase SMS packs from Robi official website and easily buy Robi SMS packs from My Robi app.

How to check SMS in Robi? How to see sms in Robi?

Dial *222*11# to manually check SMS on Robi. Or you can check SMS on Robi using My Robi app.


Hope you got the details about Robi sms purchase code.

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