Robi Call Rate Offer 2023 | Robi Recharge Call Rate Offer

Our today’s post is about Robi call rate offer 2023. You must know about Robi call rate offer 2023 to talk at a cheap rate and save your mobile cost and choose one or the other call rate package or minute package. Otherwise, your mobile will be charged a lot of money as per Robi’s default call rate.

Don’t worry if you are short on cash, you avail of the low-cost short-term Robi Callrate Offer 2023. A call rate can save you up to 50% over the default call rate.

Currently, if you use any Robi call rate offer, you will be charged 50 Paisa per minute. And if you don’t use any Robi call rate offer then you will be charged TK 1.50 per minute of talk.

Why use the Robi call rate offer?

Not only Robi but all mobile operators in the country provide call rate offers to customers.

Using a specific Robi recharge offer, you can talk to your loved ones at a specified charge for a specified period. Which will reduce your mobile cost.

So you must use the call rate offer to save your money.

For instance, Robi SIM has recharge call rate offers for customers ranging from 2 days to 60 days. Robi Recharge Callrate Offers has released its official banner and poster.

We are discussing the Robi call rate offer in detail before you.

If you purchase the Robi rate cut pack for 2 days, the call charges will be reduced for the next 2 days and then normal default rates will start.

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Robi call rate offer 2023 | Robi Callrate Offer 2023

Robi call rate offer

Bangladesh After budget 2020 all mobile operator call rate packs have been fixed at a fixed price.

Currently, you can talk to any other operator at the same rate using the Robi call rate offer on any mobile.

You must have understood from the table that currently Robi SIM minimum call rate offer is 50 paisa/per minute.

Robi 18 taka recharge offer

  • Currently, Robi SIM is offering a call rate offer for 2 days.
  • Now you can avail of this offer with just 18 TK recharge.
  • You will get 50 paise per minute call rate. For 2 days.

Robi 44 taka recharge offer

Robi has removed the earlier recharge call rate offer of 39 Taka from their official banner but Robi 39 Taka recharge offer is available for customers.

Currently, you recharge TK 44 on Robi SIM to get 50 paise per minute call rate offer.
Duration 7 days.

Robi 139 taka Recharge call rate offer

Currently, Robi Tk 139 recharge call rate offer is at the top of Robi customers’ choices.

50 paise/minute call rate offer package is given to the customers in Robi 139 taka recharge.
Duration 60 days.

Robi 47 tk recharge offer | Sunday 47 taka recharge offer

Apart from the offer mentioned in the Robi poster, Robi is offering another new call-rate offer on Flexiload SIM.

That is Robi 47 taka recharge offer in this offer you get 47 paisa minute call rate offer.
Duration 6 days.

Note: In 2023 Robi is giving a new internet offer of TK 47 for 2 GB offer. Robi Tk 47 call rate offer before purchase tell shopkeeper you need Tk 47 recharge call rate pack.

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Robi Double validity rate cutter Robi 49 taka recharge offer
Recently launched a new rate cut offer. Earlier there was another call rate offer of TK 49 on Robi SIM which was valid for 7 days.

For instance, you should know that Robi Akon is giving you 1 paise/minute call rate offer on 49 TK recharge.

Also, get 15 days period.

Best Robi recharge call rate offers 2023 to activate Robi rate cutter package 49 TK robi recharge.

Robi 29 tk recharge offer

Friends Many call rate offers of Robi SIM are now not available through direct recharge. Many people still search Google about Robi’s call rate offer robi 29 tk recharge offer.

But for those of you who want to know about robi 29 tk recharge offer, currently, robi is not providing any call rate offer of 29 tk for customers.

However, current customers can get a balance of 29 taka recharge or 2 GB internet is being given for 29 taka in some closed SIM offers.

If you want, you can find out what offers are available on your SIM from the Flexiload shopkeeper.

How to Activate Robi call rate offer?

To avail of the Robi cheap call rate offer, you need to select any one of the above-mentioned recharge amounts. Robi rate cutter is launched with a fixed amount of recharge.

What is Robi’s minimum call rate offer?

From the recharge offers mentioned in the Robi official banner, we can know about Robi’s minimum recharge call rate offer of 50 Paisa per minute.

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