Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer | রবি ৪৭ টাকা রিচার্জ কল রেট অফার

Today I will tell you about Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer. The Robi Tk 47 recharge offer was originally introduced as an offer to provide call rate offers to customers. Currently Robi Tk 47 Recharge Call Rate Offer It is providing multiple offers on recharge amount.

The same (Tk 47) recharge for Internet and the same Tk recharge call rate has created some problems for Robi customers.

But if you know the update about Robi 47 TK Offer, you will not have any problem.

You can easily choose any of the offers and purchase.

Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer

Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer – Robi 47 Taka Recharge Offer

Friends Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer is currently offering two different offers to customers. One is Robi internet offer 2 GB pack and the other is Robi 47 paisa minute call rate offer.

First of all, currently customers are getting 2GB internet package on recharge of Tk 47.

Again, 47 paise per minute call rate offer is available on 47 taka recharge.

Robi 47 TK 2GB internet Offer – Robi 47 Taka 2GB offer

Friends, Robi customers are offering 2 GB internet for 47 rupees for a period of four days.

Now if you want to use 2GB internet for 4 days period you recharge Rs 740 on Robi and tell shopkeeper to provide 2GB internet pack for Rs 47 from Ghaichang store.

Otherwise direct recharge of Rs 740 will be added to your main account.

Robi 47 paisa minute call rate offer

Friends who have used the 47 paisa minute call rate offer of Robi SIM, I would like to inform you that currently Robi is offering a call rate offer at a cheaper price than Robi.

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Robi 47 paisa recharge call rate offer is still available on recharge.

However, there is currently no update available about this offer under Robi’s official banner.

For instance, the offer is visible only on Robi TopoUp SIMs.

To activate the 47 paisa minute call rate offer at 47 taka like Robi 47 Taka internet offer, you have to mention the Robi Flexi Load shopkeeper and tell them to give the call rate offer of 47 Taka.

You can talk to any telecom operator number of the country for a period of 4 days by purchasing the package at the call rate of Rs 47 paisa per minute.

Robi 38 Taka Recharge offer | 1.5 GB internet

Friends, for those of you who are looking for cheap internet offer of Robi SIM, Robi SIM is currently providing 1.5 GB internet for 38 taka recharge, validity 3 days.

If you need more internet in less time then you can purchase 5 GB internet pack for Rs 63.

This Robi 45 paisa minute call rate pack is valid for 3 days.

Robi 45 paisa minute call rate offer – Robi cheap call rate offer-

Friends, for those of you who are offering low call rates on Robi SIM, Robi is now offering call rates for a period of 2 days.

With a direct recharge of 22 rupees on Robi SIM, the customer can talk for 540 paisa minutes for a period of two days.


Hope you got to know about Robi 47 TK Recharge Offer. If you want to know more about Robi Rs 47 Recharge Offer then let us know in comments.

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