How to see Robi Internet offers | Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code

Today I will tell you about how to see Robi Internet offer. Many people want to know about Robi Internet Offer 2023 code. It is better if you know all the internet offers of Robi SIM on your own.

It is possible to see all Robi Internet offers by using a code to know about Robi SIM internet offers.

For instance, since they don’t know about the use of Robi SIM, they are often worried about buying internet offers, how to buy which offer.

So, if your thoughts are like this, then this post is definitely for you.

By using the Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code shown in this post, you can easily find out about any Robi Internet Offer yourself.

How Robi Internet Offers Sees 

There are multiple methods to view Robi Internet offers. But here we will tell you that no matter you are using any handset button set or smartphone you can easily see Robi internet offer by adopting this method.

Internet users who have a smartphone can easily find out about the Internet offer from My-Robi apps.

Dial *4# from your mobile to check Robi Internet offer.

You can know about all the offers currently running on your Robi SIM and select the offer from the menu list to purchase the offer of your choice.

Above all, I can know about these offers by dialing Robi Internet pack code *4# from my Robi SIM which you can see in the above image.

If you have enough money in your Robi SIM, you can easily purchase Robi Internet package.

  • Robi Internet Offer Check Code *4#
  • Robi Internet Balance Check Code *8444*88#
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View internet offers through Robi Ghatchang Store Recharge

Robi Requesting Recharge method is called Ghaichang Store Recharge, in this method a customer can easily view his Robi Internet offer through recharge.

If your SIM is a closed SIM, you will be able to know about the minutes and internet offers along with the promotional offers that are available.

In this case, the customer receives an SMS when requesting for the purchase of any recharge offer in the Ghaichang store recharge system.

Also flexi load shopkeeper can tell about all the offers of the SIM.

In this way, customers and shopkeepers can get to know about the SIM offer and purchase the offer of their choice.

How to View Robi Internet Offers from MyRobi Apps

Robi customers who use My Robi apps can easily get confirmation about Robi internet offers.

Also, they are informed about their SIM’s internet offer by entering the MyRobi dashboard.


Hope you got to know how Robi Internet offers. In this way, if you have any problem to check internet offer by using internet offer code *4#, comment us.

In addition, if there is any change in the Robi Internet Offer Check Rules, we will try to inform you.

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