Robi 30 GB Internet Offer Code 2023

Today I will tell you about Robi 30 GB Internet Offer Code. The popular telecom operator in Bangladesh, Robi, is offering low-cost internet to its customers and has gained a wide reputation in the country for offering minutes and internet bundles.

Welcome to this post for those of you who want to buy 30 GB internet pack on Robi SIM for 30 days.

Robi Internet Offers 2023 list is providing many new internet offers. Among them, the 30 GB pack is one of the current best offers.

In this post we will introduce you about Robi SIM 30 GB 30 days validity offer and 28 days validity offer.

Robi 30 GB Internet Offer

Robi 30 GB Internet Offer Code 2023-

Friends are currently offering a 30 GB pack to Robi customers only for internet. Also, there is a 30 GB and 750 minutes bundle offer for Robi customers.

We think that both the offers will be very popular with the customers as both the offers are being offered to the customers at a low price.

But I think the 30 GB internet offer that Robi is providing to the customers with minutes is the best Robi 30 GB internet offer.

Because you are getting 30 GB with 750 minutes for just 150 taka, why should you lose this 750 minutes.

Robi 349 Taka 30 GB Internet Pack-

Friends introduced Robi customers with 30GB internet offer at Rs 349 in 2019.

However, the 30 GB internet package that Robi was offering to customers at that time had some obligations.

At that time Robi customers were being given 30 GB internet divided into 6 parts.

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However, currently Robi customers are getting the 30 GB internet offer of Robi Recharge for Rs 349 without any obligation.

Friends, 349 taka 349 30 GB internet package is being given for 30 days, not being given for 28 days.

Robi 30 GB and 750 minutes package –

The popular telecom operator of the country has added a new internet package to the Robi Bundle Internet Pack 2023 list. Now customers are being offered 30 GB and 750 minutes for Rs 499 Ghaichang recharge.

Recharge Tk 499 to buy 30 GB Internet and 750 minutes offer on Robi SIM or purchase the offer from My Robi app.

Robi 30GB Internet Offer Code –

Friends, you need to use Robi Ghaichang store recharge method to purchase the Robi internet offers mentioned here.

Besides, enough Robi Internet internet purchase code on mobile to buy offers offers.

Besides, you can purchase offers from the mobile banking service app.


Hope you got to know about Robi 30GB Internet Offer Code.

This telecom operator is currently providing two 30 GB internet packages, you have been informed about that in detail.

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