GP Minute Offer Pack Code 2022, GP Recharge Code জিপি মিনিট অফার

Welcome to today’s post GP minute offer 2022 list. Many people will have to search Google for Grameenphone minute packages. By looking at this post you can easily get the best from GP minute pack 2022. Now you have to use Gp recharge minute offer purchase method or GP minute code to buy minute pack.

In addition, you can also purchase the GP Minute offer of your choice from the GP MyGP App.

In recent times, GP Minute’s offer has changed a number of offers in the 2022 list. Grameenphone minute offer 2022 There are some more new offers for customers.

You will be glad to know that now GP is offering their customers internet with the same pack purchase with minutes. The number of these offers is much higher now, and visit the link above to learn about this new bundle offer.

GP minute offer 2022 list জিপি মিনিট অফার

By purchasing all the minute offers offered by Grameenphone SIM, you can use it to talk on any (GP – any mobile operator) network number in the country.

Learn about the latest update offers now to let you know about the best GP Minute Offers 2022 at affordable prices.

GP minute offer list

Friends, I will tell you to read the whole article first. Grameenphone is currently the most popular telecom operator network in Bangladesh.

All offers in this table GP recharge minute offer 2022. To purchase any minute offer in this table you have to recharge the specified amount of money.

In addition, if you have enough money in your SIM, you can purchase using GP Minute offer code.

By looking at the list of GP Minute Package 2022, you have got an idea about their offer. Now if your idea about GP minute package is not clear then you can read the details about Grameenphone minute pack 2022 below.

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What are GP points?

Do you know about Gp point or have heard about it somewhere. Customers are getting a certain amount of GP points by purchasing a one minute offer.

Previously Grameenphone subscribers would get GP points for purchasing any offer using MyGP app. However, at present customers get GP points by purchasing GP Recharge Minute offer.

How to use GP Point

These are a kind of bonus points. In the future, you can use these points to purchase GP Internet offers from the MyGP app. This is called buying internet by breaking points.

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At present the minute offers offered by GP SIM can be divided into 3 parts-

Daily minute package or GP Small minute offer

  • GP Weekly Package 2022,
  • Grameenphone Minute Offer 30 days
  • GP minute offer 2022 30 days. GP minute offer is valid for 30 days

Grameenphone Minute Pack users prefer GP monthly minute package. So I will tell you to use GP minute offer 30 Days pack to talk in peace for the whole month as per your choice.

GP is now offering 4 regular minutes for a period of 30 days.

GP 604 Tk recharge offer

Grameenphone has now come up with a new 1000 minute offer for its customers. By 2020, Grameenphone’s highest minute offer was 500 minutes.

As expected, GP first unveiled this new offer to its customers in January 2022.

Customers interested in purchasing the offer can use recharge method or activation code.

To purchase GP 1000 Minute offer

Recharge to buy GP 1000 Minute Pack 804 Taka. You can also buy this offer using GP 1000 Minute code * 121 * 4209 #.

  • Term 30 days.
  • With that there are 453 GP points.

GP 307 Tk recharge offer

GP 300 Minute Offer The next customer’s choice is GP 500 Minute Offer.

The number of GP1000 minutes users is small, the number of GP 500 minutes users is much more than that. So many people want to know about the offer and find the GP 500 minute code online.

To purchase GP 500 Minute pack

Now customers can easily purchase GP 500 minute offer by recharging Tk 308. Customers can also use GP 500 Minute offer code * 121 * 4208 # at your convenience.

  • Term 30 days.
  • There are 230 GP points.

GP 480 Minutes At 298 Taka

The first price of your GP 500 offer was 96 rupees. Call charges change after Bangladesh National Budget 2020.

As a result of this change, the 296 taka recharge minute offer becomes 480 minutes.

Later in a few days Grameenphone comes up with another new minute offer of 308 rupees 500 minute offer, which we have discussed with you.

To purchase GP 480 Minute pack

Recharge GP Tk 298 directly or dial GP 480 Minute code * 121 * 5074 #. GP Postpaid and Prepaid All GP customers can avail the offer.

  • Term 30 days.
  • There are 224 GP points.

GP 199 TK recharge offer

Before the 500 and 1000 minute offers were published on Grameenphone SIM, the 199 rupees 310 minute offer was one of the best offers for all customers.

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50% of Grameenphone Minute Offer subscribers still use this 310 minute offer on their SIM.

You can use activation code, recharge or My GP app to purchase this offer

To purchase GP 310 Minute pack

You can easily purchase GP 310 Minute Pack by recharging Tk 199 from GP Recharge Point or from Mobile Banking Service Development / Cash / Rocket App.

If you want to purchase more easily, use GP 300 Minute code * 121 * 4018 #.

  • Term 30 days.
  • There are 230 GP points.

GP 350 Minutes At 233 Taka | 15 days offer

I have already told you that GP is offering new minutes to their customers. The GP 350 Mini offer is one of those offers.

However, many customers are looking for GP minute offer code to purchase the offer. In this post you are given the code of all offers to purchase minutes from Grameenphone minute offer list.

Customers are now getting GP 233 Tk recharge offer

GP 350 Minutes

  • Activation code * 121 * 4008 #
  • Term 15 days.
  • Getting 165 points.

GP minute offer 2022 list 7 Days

Friends, GP Minute Offer 2022 7 days There are 2 such offers.

Also now a 10 day valid minute offer on GP minute offer. Let’s see the Grameenphone minute offer 2022 7 Days list.

GP 117 Tk recharge offer

Are you looking for GP 200 minute offer? Yes, now you can get a pack of 200 minutes on your GP SIM for 118 rupees.

However, customers will now get 190 minutes in this offer after the national budget 2020. Term 10 days.

⇒ GP 200 minute activation code * 121 * 4007 #

GP 160 Minutes At 99 Taka

In GP Minute Offer list 2022, the most preferred 7-day minute offer of the customers is 99 Taka 180 minute pack.

To purchase this offer, recharge Tk 99 or dial * 121 * 4006 #. Term 7 days.

GP 100 Minutes At 64 Taka

Best selling GP minute package is 64 Taka 100 minutes pack for 7 days. To purchase this offer from GP recharge minute offer list, recharge Tk 84.

  • Term 7 days.
  • You can also purchase the offer by dialing GP 100 Minute code * 121 * 4206 #.

GP 90 Minutes At 59 Taka

GP 59 Taka 90 minutes offer is also being given to you for 7 days. However, GP 59 recharge offer 2020 was being given to the customer for 100 minutes.

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After the budget 2020, 90 minutes was made instead of 100 minutes at 59 taka and GP 64 Taka 100 minutes offer was introduced.

রি Recharge Tk 59 to purchase 90 minutes in GP SIM for 7 days validity, or use GP 90 Minute code * 121 * 4205 #.

GP Small minute offer 2021

Brides first check out GP GP small minute pack list-

  • 44 Taka 67 minutes, veliduty 4 days.
  • 24 Taka 37 minutes, veliduty 24 hours.
  • 16 Taka 25 minutes, validity 24 hours.
  • 14 Taka 21 minutes, validity 16 hours.

GP 67 Minutes At 44 Taka

  • 8 minutes recharge 44 taka, validity 4 days.
  • GP 67 Minute activetion code is * 121 * 4003 #

GP 37 Minutes At 24 Taka

  • Recharge to get GP 37 minutes 24 Taka,
  • Duration 24 hours.
  • GP 24 Tk 37 Minute activetion code is * 121 * 4002 #

GP 25 Minutes At 16 Taka

  • Recharge to get GP 25 minute offer 16 Taka,
  • Duration 24 hours.
  • GP 16 Tk 25 Minute activetion code is * 121 * 4207 #

GP 21 Minutes At 14 Taka

  • Recharge to get GP 21 minutes 14 Taka,
  • Duration 18 hours.
  • GP 21 Minute pack activetion code * 121 * 400 #

Grameenphone condition

  • You can change GP minute offer 2022 from Grameenphone without any notice.
  • Offers apply to all GP customers,
  • GP minute check code * 121 * 1 * 2 #.
  • GP Skitto customers will not be able to use this minute offer.

GP minute balance check code GP minute check code

If you use a GP minute offer 2022, you must be willing to know the validity of that minute offer.

Dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to check your remaining GP minute.

In conclusion,

Friends, I hope you have found the GP Minute Offer 2022 list. If you want to know more about GP minute pack 2022, comment us

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