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Welcome to Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days Post. Friends, do you know that the new Banglalink monthly internet packages are being offered at much cheaper prices than before.

Compared to earlier Banglalink monthly internet packages, customers are now being given much more internet.

Also Banglalink monthly internet bundle packages are now much more customer friendly than before. So if you know and use Banglalink internet offer 30 days period packages well, your internet cost will be reduced a lot.

Banglalink internet offer

New Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days 2023–

Friends New Banglalink monthly internet pack 2023 list is now providing much less internet pack than before.

But currently Banglalink internet offer 30 days period is providing much more internet in the list of internet offers.

All Banglalink internet offers 2023 given here will be available as Banglalink recharge internet offer. That means you can buy the offers using Banglalink recharge method.

However, in the rule section of Banglalink internet offer, we will tell you how you can choose and buy your own internet pack if you have enough money in your SIM card.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Package List–

Recharge TKInternetActivation codeValidity
299 Taka6 GB30 Days
349 Taka30 GB30 Days
399 Taka40 GB30 Days
499 Taka60 GB30 Days

There is no offer of Banglalink internet offer 15 days period. Many people want to know about Banglalink 15 days internet offer.

But now Banglalink SIM users are getting 3 days, 7 days and 30 days internet packages.

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Banglalink 299 TK 6 GB offer

Friends, when Banglalink reviewed the Internet offers for a period of 30 days, earlier very small offers were being given.

Currently, Banglalink has provided an internet offer of Tk 299 for 6 GB in the latest published internet pack list.

Banglalink SIM 6GB internet offer is the smallest pack with 30 days validity.

Banglalink 299 Taka recharge offer to buy 6 GB internet Recharge 299 Taka now. Duration 30 days.

Banglalink 349 Taka recharge offer. Banglalink 30GB offer

There are many of us who have availed Banglalink 349 Taka recharge internet offer and know about Banglalink 349 Taka 30 GB internet pack.

However, as before, currently Banglalink 349 Tk recharge internet offer is giving 30 GB internet directly without any obligation. Where you have no lilit of daily internet usage.

Friends, if you want to use 30 GB internet pack for 30 days on your Bunglelink SIM, recharge Tk 349.

Banglalink 399 Taka recharge offer Banglalink 40GB offer

Not only Banglalink, currently all the telecom operators in the country are providing more and more internet at a lower price to the customers.

In continuation, now you are getting Banglalink 40 GB internet offer on your Banglalink SIM with a recharge of Tk 399.

However, To get 40 GB of internet for 30 Days, please recharge 399 Taka from Banglalink recharge.

Banglalink 499 Taka recharge offer | Banglalink 60 GB Internet Offer

Friends, I have already told you that the current telecom operators are providing customers with Big Big internet offer.

In continuation of that, Banglalink big internet pack list is giving current 60 GB internet offer, the price of which is fixed at Tk 499.

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Recharge Tk 499 to your SIM now to get Banglalink internet offer for 30 days easily and firstly at a cost of less than Tk 500. Getting 60 GB internet.

This is all about Banglalink Monthly Internet Package 2023 today. Click here to know about Banglalink Monthly Bundle Internet Offer 2023.

What are the rules for viewing Banglalink Internet offers?

Friends, the rule to view Banglalink internet offer is to dial *5000# from your SIM. All internet offer list will come in front of you.

How can I buy Banglalink monthly Internet package?

Friends, easily use the recharge method to buy Banglalink monthly internet package. In this post we have explained to you about banglalink monthly internet package.

How can I buy Banglalink Internet?

You can use 2 methods to buy banglalink internet. One is banglalink recharge offer and the other is banglalink internet purchase code.


Hope you got to know about banglalink internet offer 30 days validity pack.

Currently, Banglalink bundle offers 2023 that provide both minutes and internet are much more customer friendly.

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