Robi MB Buy Code 2023 | Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code

Many Robi SIM users look for Robi MB Buy Code 2023 to easily purchase internet offers. Today’s post is arranged with detailed description for those Robi internet offer code aspirants.

There are multiple methods to purchase internet offers on Robi SIM. But we are very comfortable to inform you that you can easily buy MB using Robi MB buy code if you have enough money in your SIM.

But the most important thing in this case is that different internet offers are providing Robi Internet Offer Code 2023. Here we will show you a Robi MB buy code that you can use to easily purchase the Robi MB offer as per your choice. You don’t need to remember different internet offer 2023 codes for different internet offers.

One of the popular telecom operators in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a reputation for providing internet offers, minute offers, minutes and internet offers together.

You will never want to know about Robi’s latest updated offers and avail them.

You must use Robi Recharge Method to avail latest updated internet offers from Robi.

Robi MB Buy Code

We are not telling you that you cannot purchase MB using Robi MB offer code. But we always try to provide you with proper guidelines.

Robi offers special benefits on recharge from Ghachang stores for certain customers. So use the Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code whenever you need it.

Try more and more to purchase internet offers from Robi Ghachang stores, this way Robi gives customers more internet data and cashback.

Robi MB purchase code is *4#. By dialing the Robi Internet Offer 2023 code *4#, the ongoing Robi Internet offers will be displayed on your mobile screen.

  •  After dialing the code to buy Robi MB offer you need to select the specific offer in short.
  • After selecting the specific offer, the offer has to be activated by selecting option number one.
  • Note that you can purchase the offer if you have sufficient balance on your SIM otherwise you will have to recharge your mobile. 
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Robi MB Offer 2023 List

Data volumepricecodeDuration
100 MB (FB + IMO)10 taka*123*0010#3 day
200 MB (100 MB FB এবং 100 MB IMO)19 taka*123*019#3 day
250 MB46 taka*123*110#28-day
350 MB (FB + WhatsApp)18 taka*123*0250#28-day
350 MB (IMO)20 taka*123*56#28-day
500 MB (এর জন্য)10 taka*123*77#3 day
750 MB74 taka*123*0074#14 day
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 minutes৫৮ taka*123*058#7 day
800 MB (600 FB+200MB)49 taka*123*049#7 day

Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code

Whatever name you call the Robi MB Offer Code and Robi Internet Offer Code is entirely up to you. You just need to use a single digit USSD code to purchase MB or internet packages on Robi.

Robi Internet Offer 2023 code is *4#. By dialing this code, all the Robi Internet offers of your mobile SIM will come, from there you can purchase by selecting the specific offer.

Robi Internet Package Code List 2023

Internet PackpriceActivation codeduration
1 GB23 taka*123*230#3 day
1 GB41 taka*123*41#3 day
1GB + 75 minutes + 30 SMS148 taka*123*999# *123*00999#28 day
1 GB128 taka*123*128#28 day
1 GB48 taka*123*48#4 day
1 GB + 50 minutes + 100 SMS98 taka*123*098#7 day
1 GB (এফবি এবং কি)49 taka*123*250#30 day
1 GB (PUBG)33 taka*123*033#30 day
1 GB আইএমও প্যাক53 taka*123*056#28 day
1.1 GB101 taka*123*101#7 day
1.5 GB48 taka*123*48#3 day
1.5 GB209 taka*123*209#30 day
2 GB54 taka*123*54#3 day
2 GB239 taka*123*239#28 day
2 GB ( taka*123*77*3#3 day
2GB+150Min+150 SMS251 taka*123*251#28 day
3 GB61 taka*123*061#3 day
3 GB108 taka*123*108#7 day
4 GB108 taka*123*0108#7 day
4.5 GB129 taka*123*0129#7 day
4 GB316 taka*123*316#28 day
৫ GB+৫০০ minutes+১০০ এসএমএস599 taka*123*599#30 day
6 GB148 taka*123*148#7 day
7 GB399 taka*123*399#28 day
10 GB199 taka*123*0199#7 day
10 GB501 taka*123*501#28 day
15 GB649 taka*123*649#28 day
20 GB +500 Min 200 SMS999 taka*123*999#30 day
20 GB +500 Min 200 SMS999 taka*123*00999#30 day
25 GB649 takaRecharge28 day
45 GB998 takaRecharge30 day

Robi Recharge Internet Offer List 2023

All the Robi Internet offers mentioned in this table are currently available on your Robi SIM regularly.

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The internet offers in the two tables mentioned above keep changing but these offers are changing but currently these offers are running on your Robi SIM.

Robi InternetPriceduration
১ GB৩২ taka৩ day
২ GB৪৭ taka৪ day
৩ GB৫৭ taka৩ day
৪ GB৬৯ taka৩ day
৮ GB১১৪ taka৭ day
২০ GB২৪৯ taka২৮ day
৩০ GB৩৪৯ taka২৮ day
৪০ GB৩৯৯ taka২৮ day

Robi MB Watch Code

You can use Robi MB Check Code or My Robi App to check your purchased internet pack balance.

Robi MB watch code is *8444*88#. That is, if you dial this Robi Internet offer check code *8444*88#, the currently used internet pack and remaining internet data information will appear on your mobile screen.

How much is the code to buy Robi MB?

The country’s popular Sim Robi MB purchase code is *4#. Many also say Robi Internet purchase code *4#.

How much is the code to watch Robi MB?

The code to watch Robi MB directly is *8444*88#. Many people search Robi Internet Check Code on Google. Robi Internet Check Code is *8444*88#.

How does Robi see the Internet offer?

Friends Dial Robi Internet Check Code *4# from your Robi SIM to check Robi Internet Offer.


Hope you got to know about Robi MB Buy Code and Robi Internet Offer 2023 Code.

Stay with us to know about Robi SIM’s latest updated internet offers, earn money online.

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