Robi Sim Bundle Offer 2023 30 Days | রবি সিম বান্ডেল অফার

Robi bundle offer 2023 our Today’s topic. Friends today I will tell you about Robi bundle pack 2023, how to buy the Robi bundle offer? You can know about Robi’s best bundle offers and cheap and new bundle offer list here.

What is a bundle offer?

The word bundle means to have several things together. Similarly, Robi is giving a bundle offer of 2023 together with minutes and an internet offer. Robi has been releasing bundle offers for their customers for a long time.

How to use a bundle offer?

If you are using Robi SIM Minute Offer and Internet Offer, purchase both together in the same pack.

If you want to get the best offer from Robi bundle offer 2023, similar offers available with minutes and internet will be best for you.

Some Robi bundle offers now offer 4G internet data to customers.

Robi bundle offer 2023 | Best Robi internet bundle pack in 2023

Friends, now there are 2 types of bundle offers available on your Robi SIM.

One is the Robi internet bundle offer: This offer provides more internet than minutes to the customer. Also, there are few minutes.

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Another one is the Robi minute bundle: The reverse image of the Robi internet bundle is noticeable in this offer. This offer provides some internet data in more minutes.

Robi internet bundle offer 2023 – Robi internet bundle offer 2023

Friends another name for the Robi bundle offer is the Robi combo offer. Here is the list of combo internet offer providers on Robi’s official poster or banner.

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Especially in 2023 Robi bundle offer list has provided many new Robi bundle offer to their customers.

Robi 34 TK recharge offer

Currently, Robi’s 1 GB internet offer price is 31 taka. Now you can use Robi Internet and minutes for just 34 taka recharge.

Robi 34 Taka small bundle offer gives you 1 GB of internet and 25 minutes you can talk to any network number in the country within minutes.

Duration 3 days.

Robi 159 TK recharge offer

Robi’s most popular Robi bundle offer is Tk 148 2 GB 150 minutes pack. But currently, Robi is updating the recharge offer of Tk 148 and giving a new bundle pack of Tk 159.

However, the TK159 Robi Monthly Bundle Offer 2023 is now giving customers up to 5GP internet with 150 minutes.

Robi 159 to bundle offer

Recharge TK.159

You will get 4 GB of internet and 150 minutes. Some customers are being given up to 5 GB of the internet in this offer.
Duration 30 days.

Robi 319 TK bundle offer

Bangladeshi internet users now consume much more data than before.

Robi is offering more internet data at a lower price to make the internet world more accessible and digitization in digital Bangladesh.

Above all, Robi 319 Taka bundle offer gives customers 10 GB of the internet with 350 minutes.

Duration 30 days.

Recharge TK319 Robi to the available offer.

Robi is providing 6GB regular data and 4GB 4G SPEED internet in 10 internet offers.

Robi 529 TK recharge offer

Many of us know about the popular Robi internet offer 499 taka 30 GB of the internet offer. But the TK529 Robi bundle offer now gives you 25 GB of the internet with 700 minutes.

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Recharge TK529 to get 25 GB 700 minutes on Robi SIM. Duration 30 days.

Robi 599 TK bundle pack

According to Robi’s official banner now the biggest internet bundle offer on Robi is TK599 pack. Get maximum Robi bundle offer 2023 now 599 taka recharge offer.

This bundle pack includes your entire month of tension-free minutes and internet.

Robi is giving you 599 Taka recharge offer

  • 30 GB Internet + 800 minutes (can call any number)
  • Duration 30 days.

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