Robi 500 Minute Offer code | রবি ৫০০ মিনিট অফার ক্রয়ের পদ্দতি

I will tell you about Robi 500 minute offer in this post. Many Robi customers now want to avail Robi 500 minutes offer on their SIM. But many people don’t know how to buy Robi 500 minutes offer.

Friends, in today’s post, you will know all the methods of buying Robi SIM 500 minutes pack and all the offers around Robi 500 minutes.

Friends, you must know that after the National Budget 2023, there will be a huge change in the minute offers of all SIMs.

Before Budget 2023 many people were able to use 100 Tk up to 300 minutes on their SIM.

Which is now imaginable.

In addition, Robi has 500 minute offers and multiple minute offers close to that.

However, Robi 500 minute offer purchase methods are also different. So you can know all the methods to buy Robi 500 minutes here and read the complete post.

Robi 500 Minute Offer code

Robi 500 Minute Offer code | Robi 500 minutes offer code

Robi 500 minutes offer price is 307 Taka. If you need this Robi monthly minute pack recharge 370 Taka on your Robi SIM.

Friends, currently Rabi 500 minutes offer pack price is Rs.307.

Robi 500 Minutes Offer Code

Sunday 500 minutes offer

If you want to purchase the 500 minutes offer on your Robi SIM, recharge Rs. 307 directly.

Robi 500 minutes offer code

For instance, Robi 500 minute offer code is not available now.

Yes guys you heard right currently robi 500 minutes offer code is not available for customers.

Therefore, directly recharge Tk 307 or use the method given below.

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Robi 307 Taka Recharge offer

If you are an old subscriber of Robi SIM, you must know that Robi has a 475 minutes bundle offer at Rs 298.

Robi has been running that offer for their customers for several days, but now Robi has launched a 500 minutes offer for their customers at a recharge of Tk 307.

Initially, no free internet was provided in this offer, but currently customers are being provided with 512 MB free internet for 500 minutes of Rs. 307.

You can avail the offer easily by recharging Rs.307.

Sunday 500 minutes offer purchase method

Apart from research method you can purchase Robi 500 minute offer.

Many people easily buy minutes offer from Robi app.

Above all, if you don’t have any kind of Android phone and you don’t use Robi apps, you can still buy Robi 500 minutes.

How to buy this minute offer without Robi Tk 307 recharge offer?

Friends, if you have enough money in your sim, dial *0# from Robi number.

After dialing this Robi minutes purchase code you will see all the Robi SIM minute offers displayed in front of you on your mobile screen.

Robi 307 Tk 500 minutes plus 512 MB internet offer is at number 10 in this Robi menu list.

For instance, change in offer may result in change in numbering so select 500 minutes plus 512 MB internet offer.

If you select the offer correctly, 307 will be deducted from your SIM and the offer will be activated on your SIM.

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Robi 369 TK recharge offer

Told you earlier to tell you some more about Robi’s 500 minutes close to minute offer.

Robi 298 taka 475 minutes and 2 GB internet offer is currently not running, so we have not mentioned the offer here.

But if you want to use Robi minutes and internet together, Robi has a great bundle offer of Rs.369 for you.

A customer of the Robi Rs 369 recharge offer is currently getting 500 minutes as well as 20 GB of internet, from this excellent Robi bundle offer 2023.

However, the Rs 369 recharge offer is a Robi Ghatchang store recharge offer.

Friends, Robi Ghaichang Store Recharge Offer Changes Noticed,

So before buying this offer, you must know from Flexishop whether the offer is currently being given on your SIM.

In other words, money will come to your sim, hope you understand.

In conclusion,

Hope you got to know about Robi 500 minute offer as well as Robi 500 minutes offer.

For instance, if you have any problem purchasing Robi 500 minutes offer, please comment.

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