Airtel minutes purchase code | Airtel Sim recharge offer এয়ারটেল রিচার্জ অফার

Many people search Google to know Airtel minutes purchase code 2022. Basically Airtel is providing a minute purchase code to easily purchase Airtel minute packs. But many people don’t know how to easily buy airtel sim minute pack.

We surely know that there are Airtel recharge minute offers but you can use Airtel Minute Pack to see all the minute packs together and know the current market value of the minute offers.

There are such methods to check airtel minute offer which many people don’t know. To inform you about this today I have come to you with Airtel minute code and some Airtel new minute offer list.

What is airtel minutes purchase code 2022?

Friends Airtel Recharge Minute Offer List The offers you will see have a different Airtel Minute Code for each offer.

But there are many Airtel customers who find it difficult to remember all these minute codes and don’t even try to remember them.

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Here I am going to tell about a method, in which you can easily purchase minute pack through airtel minute code dial without any kind of airtel minute code if you have enough balance in your mobile.

Airtel minutes purchase code is *0#. By dialing Airtel Minute Offer Code *0#, Airtel Minute Package List will appear in front of you.

You can easily purchase the Airtel minute offers there.

Airtel Minute Offer New List

28 TK 46 Minute2 Days
48 TK80 Minute7 Days
78 TK130 Minute7 Days
298 TK475 Minute + 2 GB30 Days

Above all, Airtel Minute Offer 2022 New List has several changes to note.

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Among the changes, Airtel has launched two new minute offers at TK 28 and TK 48.

Also some minutes offers bundle SMS and MB with minutes.

Airtel offers amazing changes that you will love.

Airtel Tk 28 recharge offer

Friends this is a new addition to Airtel new minute offer list, here Airtel is offering 46 minutes to customers for two days with a recharge of 28 taka.

Airtel Tk 34 recharge offer

If you are looking for SMS pack with minutes on your Airtel SIM then this offer is for you.

Now Airtel Chota Minute Offer TK 34 recharge pack is currently providing customers with 30 SMS along with 55 minutes, for a period of three days.

Airtel Tk 78 recharge offer

New Airtel minutes offer 7 days validity, now this new offer is added.

Now Airtel is giving customers 130 minutes for 78 Tk recharge, 7 days validity.

Airtel Tk 107 recharge offer

Friends, Airtel has changed the Tk 97 minute offer and currently Tk 107 recharge minute offer is being provided.

Now Recharge Tk 107 to Airtel 175 Minutes Offer Valid for 7 Days.

Airtel Tk 298 recharge offer

Currently, most of the telecom operators in Bangladesh are offering bundle offers to customers.

But there are some minute bundle offers that Airtel is one of the minute bundle offers.

Currently, Airtel is offering 475 minutes and 2GB internet pack for 30 days on Tk 298 recharge.

Recharge Tk 298 or dial Airtel Minute Pack Code to get this offer with Airtel Minutes and Internet.

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Airtel TK 307 recharge offer

If you want to purchase 500 minutes on Airtel SIM then definitely recharge Rs.307. Or dial Airtel minutes purchase code.

Other telecom operators are offering Airtel customers 500 minutes on a recharge of TK 307 but Airtel customers are getting 510 minutes, for a period of 30 days.

Airtel Minutes Purchase Code

How much is Airtel minutes purchase code?

Friends Airtel minutes purchase code is *0#. Dialing *0# from your Airtel SIM will display the minute offer list.

How much is the airtel minutes view code?

Airtel Minute Check Code is 7785# or 7788#


Hope you got to know about Airtel Minutes Offer New List and Airtel Minutes Buy Codes. If you want to know more details about Airtel minutes offer, you can comment us.

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