All Airtel Internet Offer 2022 BD With Activation Code

Welcome to Airtel Internet Offer 2022 List post. Friends our today post is about Airtel BD cheap price minute pack list. In this post we will tell you about all the cheap price internet packs from Airtel BD. If you are looking for cheap internet pack then you can use Airtel internet pack 2022.

Here we provide you Airtel internet offer list. You can easily buy the offers that you like.

Airtel BD offers you cheap internet packs compared to all the mobile networks running in Bangladesh.

But Airtel BD network coverage is more in cities than in villages. But if you want more internet and long the validity at a low price, you must use Airtel Internet Pack.

As a result, this is the reason why Airtel internet offers are at the top of the customer’s preference list. Airtel, a relatively new telecom operator, has managed to bring a good number of subscribers to its network in the past few years.

Airtel internet offer 2022 BD

Airtel BD is now introducing you to some great new Airtel internet offers.

However, there is a special internet offer for those who only want to use the internet. Airtel Bundle offer 2022 is available for those customers who want minutes with internet.

Ger more offer:

For instance, it is worth noting that Airtel BD has different offers like some internet plus good amount of minutes and more minutes and less amount of internet. You can buy and use any Airtel internet pack if you want.

Airtel recharge offer internet

In this post we will try to give maximum importance to Airtel Recharge Internet Offer 2022. Also I will try to give you Airtel internet offer code list.

Airtel MB Offer 2022 is now giving you 50 GB internet offer starting from 1 GB offer at 29 TK .

Airtel internet offer list with activation code

InternetAmountValidityActivation code
1 GB29 Taka3 Days*123 * 025 #
2 GB49 Taka3 Days*123 * 049 #
4 GB ( 3 GB+1GB 4G)64 Taka4 Days*123 * 064 #
5 GB101 Taka7 Days*123 * 101 #
30 GB344 Taka30 Days*111 * 344 #

Airtel internet mini pack

However, are you looking for small Airtel MB pack, but now for just 29 TK you are getting small internet pack for 3 days. No other telecom operator is giving you this opportunity, you are getting it in Airtel BD.

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Airtel 1 GB 29 TK internet offer

If you are looking for cheapest internet price for 3 days Airtel Internet offer then you can use Airtel BD offer. Offer valid for 72 hours (3 days).

You can use recharge method or activation code method to purchase Airtel Tk 29 1GB offer.

  • Recharge TK 29 to buy Airtel 1GB.
  • Duration 3 days (72 hours)
  • Airtel 29 taka 1gb offer Activation code * 123 * 025 #

Airtel 2 GB 49 TK internet offer

GP call rate offer in 49 TK recharge offer but Airtel internet offer 2022 is giving you internet offer. So before recharging your SIM for 49 taka, know about 49 taka offer.

  • Currently Airtel TK 49 recharge offer is giving you 2 GB internet.
  • Duration 3 days.
  • Airtel 49 taka 2gb offer code * 123 * 049 #

Airtel 4 GB 64 TK offer

Airtel Introduces 64 TK 4GB new airtel internet pack 2022. This offer is mainly for those customers who need high amount of internet for short time. In this offer you are given 3GB regular internet data and 1GB 4G data for a period of 4 days.

Recharge Tk 64 to get 4 GB Internet on Airtel SIM.

  • 3GB +1 GB Total 4GB internet.
  • Duration 4 days.
  • Airtel 64 Taka 4GB pack code * 123 * 064 #

Airtel internet offer 7 Days

Friends, if you look at Airtel internet offer 2022 OR Airtel internet offer 2022 list, you can see that their number of weekly offers is very less. Although Airtel bundle offer now offers customers more internet with minutes.

Friends Airtel weekly minute offer number is less but the number of minute bundle offer for 30 days period is more. But it is better to use Airtel minutes offer for a month rather than a week.

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Airtel 5 GB 101 TK offer

One of the best and known airtel internet pack 2022 with 5 GB internet is 101 Taka weekly internet offer.

Recharge Airtel SIM 64 Tk.

  • Getting 5 GB internet.
  • Duration 7 days.
  • Airtel 101 taka 5GB pack code * 123 * 101 #

Airtel internet offer 30 days

If you are looking for Airtel monthly internet pack with best combination then you must come to Airtel BD.

Airtel’s popular monthly internet offer is Tk 329 30GB offer. But now Airtel 30 GB offer current price is 344 Tk.

Airtel 30 GB 344 TK offer

  • Recharge TK .344 to get 30GB.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Airtel 344 taka 30 GB pack code * 111 * 344 #

New Airtel internet pack 2022 list

Friends as mentioned above airtel internet pack list thaka all airtel internet packs we get on Airtel poster or benner.

But apart from Airtel offers, there are some other Airtel internet offers which you can buy by looking at this new airtel net pack list.

There are some offers that you have to do through online recharge and there are some offers that you can do directly by airtel recharge.

Do you know about Airtel 4G internet offer? Yes you heard right now Airtel BD recharge you only 22 taka. This is Airtel 4G Pack.

New Airtel internet pack 2022

InternetAmountValidityActivation code
1 GB 4G22 Taka3 Days*123 * 022 #
2 GB64 Taka15 DaysOnline Recharge
3 GB (2 GB + 1 GB 4G)59 Taka4 Days*123 * 059 #
5 GB129 Taka7 Days*123 * 129 #
10 GB179 Taka10 Days*123 * 179 #
2 GB89 Taka7 Days*123 * 089 #
1.5 GB44 Taka3 Days*111 * 344 #

To purchase Airtel 22 Taka 1 GB pack

  • Just dial the activation code.
  • validity 3 days.
  • Airtel 22 taka 1gb pack code * 111 * 344 #
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Airtel 2 GB 64 TK offer

You will be very happy that now Airtel is selling internet offers through online recharge in some cases and customers are getting more validity on all package purchases.

You can use Bkash/Rocket/Cash to purchase this pack. To buy Airtel 2GB pack recharge 64 tk online, validity 15 days.

Airtel 3 GB 59 TK offer

Airtel 3 GB internet offer, this offer is now found by many people on the internet. Friends Airtel sim has 3 GB offer for 59 taka recharge. But in 3 GB Airtel internet offer you get 1 GB 4G and 2 GB regular data. Duration 4 days.

Airtel 10 GB 179 TK offer

If you want to purchase Airtel 10 GB pack for a period of 10 days, then this offer is for you. To purchase Airtel 10 GB internet offer recharge tk 179 or dial Airtel 10 GB activation code * 123 * 089 #.

Airtel 2 GB 89 TK offer

A favorite of many Airtel weekly MB offer Airtel 2 GB pack. It gives you 2 GB for a week for just TK 79.

Airtel Internet Offer 2022 Pack Recharge TK 79 to buy the best internet pack for 7 days. Or dial 123089#.

Airtel 1.5 GB 44 TK offer

Airtel 1.5 GB TK 44 offer is one of the new airtel internet offers that have come out recently. This Airtel internet pack is available at TK 44 recharge and can be purchased through activation code * 111 * 344 #. Duration 3 days.

How to Check Airtel Internet Balance BD?

After Buy an internet offer then the remaining data should be viewed. But many customers don’t think about it after buying Airtel MB offer but prefer to see how much internet offer veliduty has been used at the end.

However, now you can know the MB amount in your Airtel internet pack with the help of one-digit Airtel internet balance check code * 3 # USSD.


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