Airtel Bundle offer 2022 Minute, SMS & Internet(MB) Packages

Do you know about Airtel bundle offer 2022? Airtel is offering some of the best internet and minutes together in bundle packs for its customers. Day by day the demand for Airtel bundle offer is increasing.

So every mobile network is now adding lots of bundle offers in their offer list. Airtel is considered to be the best operator in the country in providing minute and internet pack together.

If you want to purchase internet and minutes pack for yourself, use Airtel Bundle offer. Because Airtel BD gives you more internet and minutes together, customers get longer term in their bundle offer.

In this case I will tell you to read the entire post and select the right Airtel bundle pack for yourself.

Now Airtel bundle offer starts from 34 taka. Because Airtel bundle offers are very customer friendly.

For instance, now you are getting up to 1200 minutes with Internet in Airtel SIM Bundle offer. Currently, bundle offers in Bangladesh now have a lot of internet data and minutes. Now there are packs up to 80 GB in Airtel bundle offer.

Airtel Bundle offer 2022 Minute, SMS & Internet(MB) Packages এয়ারটেল বান্ডিল অফার ২০২২

দেশ সেরা এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট , মিনিট ও SMS প্যাকেজ অফার 2022

Here we have collected Airtel bundle pack 2022 for you.

We have collected all bundle offers from airtel website, airtel official poster and Airtel Flexiload SIM.

If you want to know more about Airtel bundle offer, you can visit their website.

We have listed 2 Airtel bundle pack 2022 here. In the first table you will see the Regular Airtel bundle packages and in the second table you will see the new Airtel bundle offers 2022.

Airtel bundle offer monthly এয়ারটেল বান্ডেল প্যাক

Bundle packAmountValidityActivation Code
35 Minutes + 500 B34 Taka3 Days
150 Minutes+ 400 MB93 Taka7 Days
150 Minutes+ 3 GB158 Taka30 Days
250 Minutes+ 7 GB294 Taka30 Days
475 Minutes+2 GB298 Taka30 Days
800 Minutes+ 30 GB548 Taka30 Days

Airtel 34 Tk recharge offer

The lowest bundle offer on Airtel SIM is now tk 34. 34 Tk airtel recharge you get 35 minutes and 500 MB internet.

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To purchase Airtel 34 TK small bundle offer

  • Recharge tk 34.
  • Get 500 MB Internet + 35 minutes.
    Duration 3 days.

Airtel 93 Tk recharge offer

Many Airtel customers don’t know about this new Airtel bundle offer yet.

Now you can get a 7 days bundle offer 2022 with 150 minutes and 400 MB on Airtel SIM recharge of Tk 93.

Airtel 158 taka bundle offer

This offer is very popular and since long time Airtel has been giving it to its customers. Airtel tk 158 recharge offer gives you regular 3GB internet and 150 minutes.

But Airtel bundle offer 2022 now Airtel is giving up to 5 GB internet data with 150 minutes to many Garhs in this offer.

You can purchase the offer by recharging Airtel for just Tk 158. Duration 30 days.

Airtel 294 Tk recharge offer

If you want to buy Airtel SIM 250 minutes offer, it will cost you around tk.160.

If you want to buy 6GB monthly internet pack, it will cost you around tk 200. Airtel BD is offering these two packs together at just 294 tk.

Airtel Tk 294 Recharge Offer 2022 is giving you

  • 250 minutes + 7 GB Internet
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 298 Tk recharge offer

Airtel started offering the first SIM bundle offer with a recharge offer of Tk 278. Airtel has changed the recharge offer of Tk 278 and now the new price is Tk 298.

This Airtel 298 taka bundle offer is now giving customers 475 minutes and 2 GB internet. Duration 30 days.

Airtel 548 Tk recharge offer

Airtel regular bundle pack 2022 now offers the biggest internet and minutes bundle offer of Tk 548.

Yes you heard it right the new airtel bundle pack 30 days offer from Airtel BD can be the best monthly bundle offer for you.

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From Airtel Tk 548 Recharge Bundle Offer 2022 you get

  • 800 minutes + 30 GB internet
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel Bundle Offer monthly pack এয়ারটেল বান্ডেল প্যাক

Airtel new Bundle pack 2022AmountValidityActivation Code
1200 Minutes + 40 GB747 Taka30 Days
900 Minutes+ 35 GB548 Taka30 Days
700 Minutes+ 30 GB498 Taka30 Days
300 Minutes+ 10 GB294 Taka30 Days
150 Minutes+ 5 GB198 Taka30 Days
100 Minutes+ 2 GB148 Taka30 Days
50 Minutes+ 4 GB98 Taka7 Days

Airtel bundle offer 30 days

This is our second list in Airtel bundle pack 2022 post. Friends Airtel bundle offers in this table may not be available to all Airtel customers.

So, before purchasing these offers, check from the Flexiload shop to see if you are getting this offer on your SIM.

Also check the offer list carefully before purchasing mobile banking services from Bikash/ Cash/ Rocket.

Airtel 747 Tk recharge bundle offer

Friends, I already informed you about Best Airtel bundle pack 2022 stay with us.

GP 948 Taka bundle offer is now providing customers with 1000 minutes and 25 GB internet.

For instance, Airtel 747 TK bundle offer 2022 offers customers much more minutes and internet together.

In addition, in this offer Airtel gives cash back to the customers. Airtel offers special discounts to its customers on certain days of the month.

Contact your nearest Flexi Shop to know about Airtel bundle offer discounts.

Airtel offers TK 747 recharge bundle offer to you

  • 1200 minutes + 40 GB internet
  • Duration 30 days.

Airtel 548 Tk recharge offer

Another new airtel monthly internet pack is 548 taka pack. From Airtel my offer you are now getting 35 GB internet with 900 minutes for tk 548.

To purchase Airtel Tk 548 bundle offer এয়ারটেল মাসিক বান্ডেল প্যাক ২০২২

  • Recharge tk 548
  • You will get 900 minutes + 35 GB internet
  • Duration 30 days
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Airtel 498 Tk recharge offer

Airtel tries to offer more and more bundles to its customers. You will get 700 minutes and 30 GB internet in the new 30-day Airtel bundle pack.

For instance, you can activate the offer now by recharging tk 498.

Airtel 298 Tk recharge offer

Are you looking for Airtel Bundle Offer 2022 at tk 300 or around? But I am telling you right now you can buy this bundle offer costing tk 298.

Airtel is offering you 294 TK bundle pack

Recharge tk 294 to get the offer

  • You get 300 minutes + 10 GB internet
  • For a period of 30 days.

Airtel 198 Tk recharge offer

Many of us know about Airtel Tk 158 offer. But you also need to know about the new Airtel bundle tk 198 offer.

Airtel 198 Taka bundle offer gives you

  • 5 GB internet with 150 minutes
  • Duration 30 days.

Small Airtel bundle offer 2022

Airtel 98 Taka recharge offer: Airtel Bundle Pack 2022 is now offering you a new bundle with 50 minutes and 4 GB internet at 98 Taka recharge. Airtel Recharge tk 98 to get this offer for 7 days.

Airtel 148 Taka recharge offer: Recently Airtel released a new bundle pack of 148 Taka. You can check out this Airtel monthly bundle offer of 2GB internet with 100 minutes.

What is the Airtel bundle pack?

The offer which gives minutes and internet simultaneously and in the same offer is called Airtel bundle pack. Currently Airtel is offering cheap bundles for its customers.

What is the unlimited pack of Airtel?

There is no offer for Airtel SIM unlimited pack. But now Airtel is offering bundle packs at low price to BD customers. You can call the 1200 minutes and 40 GB internet offer from Airtel as Airtel unlimited pack.


Hope, you got the right information about Airtel bundle offer 2022. I think you have found Best airtel bundle offer 30 days 2022 according to your need.

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