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Welcome everyone to Teletalk minute offer 2022 list post. You can know about Teletalk minutes offer, the first government telecom company of the country run by Bangladesh government here. Teletalk will let you know about the latest updates, new minute packs and most used packs.

Currently from Teletalk minute pack 2022 now customers are getting monthly, weekly, small minute packs. Teletalk is basically a student base SIM.

Friends Teletalk minute pack currently starts from 12 taka. Teletalk offers minute offers aimed at students, but their minute offers have a longer duration.

Teletalk Tk 12 min offer validity 3 days, this type of offer is available only on Teletalk.

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Teletalk minute offer 2022 list

Choosing the right Teletalk minute pack requires knowing your voice call volume. You have to find the right Teletalk minute offer for you, we can just inform you about the minute offer list.

Small Minute Pack, Medium Minute Pack, and Large Minute Pack are all types of mini offers available on Teletalk SIM. Let’s see Teletalk minute offer 2022 list.

Recently came a new Teletalk minutes offer 2022, the new minutes package gives the customer 143 minutes of talk-time at Tk 86, valid for 7 days.

Dial 11186# or SMS “M86” to 111 to activate the offer.

Teletalk minute pack list with code

First let me tell you about teletalk big minute pack. Teletalk SIM has 4 minutes offer for 7 days, 10 and 30 days.

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Choose the right offer for you from Teletalk Minutes Offer 2022 and enjoy the best voice call benefits of Teletalk SIM.

Teletalk 143 Minutes at 86 Taka

Teletalk popular weekly minute offer is Tk 44 for 143 minutes offer. Duration is 7 days. To activate this offer you can use activation code method or teletalk minutes short code.

Friends to buy Teletalk 143 minute pack dial * 111 * 86 # or write “M86” in write SMS option of your mobile and send to 111 number.

Teletalk 168 Minutes at 101 Taka

Are you looking for 10 days validity minute pack on teletalk SIM?

Yes, you can currently purchase a 10-day minute pack for just Rs. 101 on the Teletalk Minute Offer.

Teletalk is giving 97 free SMS to the customer in this minute offer. To get Teletalk 101 Taka offer dial * 111 * 1010 #, validity 10 days.

Teletalk 477 Minutes at 287 Taka

Currently the most popular minute offer on Teletalk SIM is the Tk 287 , 477 mini package. You can use the pack to make free voice calls for a period of one month.

  • Dial * 111 * 287 # to purchase Teletalk 287 Taka offer
  • Or send SMS to 111 by entering Teletalk Minute Short Code “M287”.
  • Duration 30 days.

Teletalk minute bundle offer 2022

Friends bundle offer is currently the fastest growing mobile package. Every mobile operator in Bangladesh is now providing different bundle offers to the customers.

Now you can also avail the Teletalk bundle offer. So you can also check out these offers.

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Teletalk 380 Minutes at 299 Taka

Teletalk has provided customers with 380 minutes, 100 SMS and 1.5 GB of internet data in a new minute bundle offer of Tk 287.

However, most Teletalk customers use the offer for minutes.

  • Dial * 111 * 299 # to purchase the Teletalk Tk 299 bundle offer.
  • Minutes, Internet, SMS all packs of this offer are valid for 30 days.
  • Teletalk small minute pack list 2022
  • Specially in this list I will discuss about small minute packs from Teletalk minute offer 2022.

But Teletalk SIM is now providing internet data with minutes to the customers in small minute offers as well.

If you need cheap minutes, internet, sms then use Teletalk SIM and Teletalk minute bundle pack as you need easily.

Friends, the best thing among Teletalk minute offers is Teletalk minute code 2022, which is available for almost every Teletalk offer.

Teletalk 12 Minutes at 10 Taka

Teletalk 12 minutes offer, price 10 taka and validity 3 days. Currently this type of offer is only available on Teletalk BD.

In this offer, customer can get 15 SMS and 50 MB internet data free in addition to minutes. Dial activation code * 111 * 101 # to buy teletalk 12 min pack.

Teletalk 50 Minutes at 50 Taka

A regular minute bundle pack of 50 minutes, 50 SMS and 500 MB internet on Teletalk SIM for 5 days validity. This is a very good Teletalk SIM offer for customers.

Dial * 111 * 102 # to buy bundle pack worth Rs. 50 from Teletalk minutes offer.

Teletalk 100 Minutes offer

Teletalk 100 minutes offer price is 100 taka. Friends in this offer you get 100 minutes with 200 sms and 1 GB internet for 7 days.

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Above all, dial * 111 * 103 # to purchase teletalk 100 taka 100 minutes and internet offer.


Teletalk minute offer 2022 Friends I hope after you read this post your idea about Minute pack is clear. Teletalk minutes offer, internet offer

How can I check my Teletalk package?

Teletalk prepaid and postpaid users easily check their package by just dialing *152#.

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