Teletalk Balance Check Code Number | কিভাবে টেলিটক ব্যালেন্স চেক করবেন?

How to check Teletalk balance? Want to know Teletalk Balance Check Code. Are you looking for Teletalk balance check method? Then this post is the right place for you. In this post we are trying to discuss the simple procedure in teletalk balance check rules here.

Many Teletalk SIM users forget how to check their SIM balance and get worried. Don’t worry I’m here How to check Teletalk Balance? I have discussed in detail.

Here’s how you can easily check your Teletalk SIM balance. Teletalk provides teletalk USSD code to the customers, so that you can easily receive all the unique services along with your teletalk sim balance.

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Teletalk balance check code number

Teletalk is a government telecom operator managed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Authority. This telecom operator is trying to provide maximum service to the customers.

When a customer buys a new Teletalk SIM, the customer wants to know about the procedure for checking the Teletalk SIM number.

They also want to know how to check their Teletalk SIM balance check method.

Teletalk balance check code is * 152 #. You can easily check Teletalk balance by using this USSD code.

Teletalk sim users there are many people who can’t remember, so today I am going to show some simple ways to show more simple ways apart from Teletalk balance code method.

  • To check teletalk balance first open your mobile dial pad,
  • Then dial *152#
  • Or download MY Taletalk apps from Google Play Store.
  • Check Teletalk SIM balance easily.
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Teletalk All USSD Code – Teletalk USSD Code

Teletalk SIM users in Bangladesh how to check main account balance on their SIM, check internet balance check and free SMS balance check codes from here and collect.

Teletalk number check code*551#
Teletalk Balance Check*552#
Teletalk balance Recharge code151015xxxxxxxx#
Teletalk Minute Check code*152#
Teletalk SMS Check code*152#
Teletalk MMS Check code*152#
Teletalk MB Check code*152#
Net SettingType SET & Send to 738
Miss Call Allot (ON)Type REG & Send to 2455
Teletalk Customer Care Number121

Teletalk balance check code by sms

Above all, it is also possible to send 222 by writing TAR in message option to check Teletalk number.

About Teletalk LTD.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is responsible for telecom operators.

In 2001, BTRC was fully operational in the country. They have complete control over all mobile network operators operating within the country.

Full name of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited Company (BTRC). Teletalk Telecom is a Bangladeshi telecom company managed by the Government of Bangladesh under BTRC.

In short, you can call this cell operator as the state-owned mobile phone company of Bangladesh.

Teletalk Limited, is the only government sponsored telecommunication company in the country. which was incorporated as a Government Limited Company on 26 December 2006 under the Companies Act 26/2004.

All mobile telecom network companies currently operating in the country, including Teletalk Bangladesh, received a certificate of “.Telecom Company Business Start-up” in the country on the same day.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited started commercial operations on March 1, 2005, which is still ongoing.

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How to check Teletalk Balance?

To check your Teletalk balance just open your mobile pad and dial *152#

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