What is SEO? Complete Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2023

Full Elaboration of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keeping in mind the main points, many define SEO in many ways, and all of them are correct. The way I define SEO is always – SEO is a method that can be used to promote any type of website in search engines.

If we say a little deeper – SEO is some rules or techniques through which to bring more visitors or traffic for free from various search engines (such as Google, Bing Yahoo) to any website.

In a word, if we want to bring traffic to our websites, then SEO is necessary. If a website can be brought to the first page and first position in the search engines, then there is a possibility of getting a lot of traffic for free. If you want to get on the first page and in the first position, then the website needs to be properly SEO.

In very simple words, if you want to bring free visitors to your website, you need to do SEO.

To learn about SEO from start to finish, this content should be read consistently along with practice and research on Google. Some technical matters should be kept in mind.

Hopefully, you can learn more about the basics of SEO from this content, you just have to patiently read till the end.

Well anyway, hopefully, you got some idea, what is SEO?

Trying to make it a little easier, we see thousands of websites on Google, when you search on Google by a keyword (in short, the keyword is what you type in Google or YouTube) by keyword,

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But on the first page of Google, it shows 10 websites, below you will see 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, there are 10 to 10 websites on many such pages.

But when you go to search for something on Google, you don’t go to all the websites, right? Just enter any of the website numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the first page, to get the information you want.

Then the rest of the websites are not getting visitors by your search keyword, and no visitors on the website means a shop without customers.

To earn income from the website, to do business with the website must bring enough traffic. In other words, there is no customer, there is no business, and profit and loss will be calculated. I hope you understand this time, if you don’t understand, read again.

People spend a lot of time developing their websites and designing them. A lot of work goes into making the perfect website. But the small amount of time spent to optimize the posts on the website is easily the most important part.

Why is SEO necessary in online business?

One of the most important steps to starting an online business is to have a website first. You have created an online business, created a website by yourself or a developer, then sell various products or provide services here.

Now you need customers (traffic in SEO terms) to sell your product or service. Any customer arrangement will not make a sale, your product must be related. That is, you need to let your targeted people know that you have a business. And SEO is the means of informing for free. You cannot promote your business without SEO, SEO is one of the ways of marketing. I can also say that without proper SEO you cannot market your business online.

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So to start and establish an online business, to take any online business to a good position, a website is needed, and wherever there is a website, SEO is needed.

Why SEO is so important for any website

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have visitors to your website, you can’t do anything with that website. There is no point in opening a website if you don’t have enough visitors and without enough visitors, you can’t sell your products, a website without traffic means a shop without customers. So every website should do SEO. SEO must be done very seriously for every website if you want to earn from the website or sell any of your products or services.

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